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07 Nov. 1982

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Because of the high quality and reputation of our planes customers should expect a wait to receive any plane order. Planes from Old Street Tool are based on early 18th Century British planes which we believe represent the highest quality planes ever produced. For better balance and control, and in keeping with 18th Century style, our toted planes have off-set totes for right handed use.
The jack plane is a smaller lighter version of a roughing plane and may be preferred when preparing stock of smaller dimensions.
Jointing long edges and some other special purpose applications are easier with a longer plane.
The rabbet planes suggested by Old Street Tool have square irons but skewed iron rabbet planes can be made. While wooden plow planes evolved into bulky and clumsy presentation pieces whose main advantage was they were less expensive than gold watches, the Old Street Tool plow plane is true to the original functional form. Snipes-bill planes are made in mirror image pairs and are used in conjunction with rabbet planes and hollows and rounds to produce moldings.

Old Street Tool side bead planes cut a bead profile on the edge of stock and that profile suggests 180° of arc.
Ogee planes from Old Street Tool are made with spring and sized by the overall width of the profile. Old Street Tool Grecian ovolo planes cut an elliptical arc and are sized by the depth of cut rather than the width of the profile.
As such there is nothing but a firmly set wedge to keep these irons from falling through the mouth of the plane.
This is the traditional workhorse plane that does the lion's share of stock removal when preparing and thicknessing stock. This plane is intended for fine end grain cuts and care must be taken to maintain a bevel angle of around 25° with this plane to avoid clearance angle issues.
We find this size ideal for the localized clean-up work of a smooth plane and it is very comfortable to use with amazing agility and control.
These user friendly planes are at home on the bench and perform with a grace not shared by their bigger distant cousins.

With the combination of these planes it is quick and direct to produce about any profile of furniture length moldings. This plane has a steel shod brass depth stop adjusted with a left hand thread adjusting rod (unless otherwise requested) so that it adjusts more like modern tools most woodworkers are familiar with. These planes will enable a woodworker to complete nearly any work traditionally done with hand planes and is the most complete line of planes offered in North America since the demise of the Sandusky Tool Company in 1925.
The fore plane has a comfortable closed tote designed for heavy work and has a 50° bedded iron. Old Street Tool snipes-bill planes are shoulder boxed with persimmon and are important companions to our hollow and round planes.

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