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18 Feb. 1993

Make folding table wall,carpentry tools store,woodshop bench plans free - PDF Review

Marcelo was kind enough to send us a couple of photos of a wall mounted folding work bench that he made and designed.
I'm sending to you a pair of photos, of a working table that I designed, so you can put them in your free-plans section. The upright members [a] will need to be fixed securely to the wall with appropriate screws or anchors.
In a masonry wall the upright members can be fixed directly to the wall using appropriate anchor bolts or similar types of masonry screws or bolts. Essentially brackets are designed to carry vertical loads and if your working surface is a sensible length then you are going to be tending to twist the bracket out of the wall when you put any weight on the end of it.

It might be strong enough, but that will depend to a large extent on the quality of the wall and the fixings you use.
I'm thinking of haunched M&T joints to make the legs construct to give reasonable strength, and joining the legs and the top to the wall-mounting block with a long hinge to give a fair amount of torsional resistance to being leant on or bumped. One day somebody will decide it's a convenient place to put the Christmas turkey for carving and you don't want that to end up on the floor, do you.So, My advice is to stick with hinged legs, but I have a similar situation on some table extensions I made last year with hinged legs that I didn't want to put braces on and it's a constant pain. I wondered if you could get away with using longer legs and tuck them back at an angle so that they are hard against the wall where it meets the floor. It wouldn't be as strong as vertical legs and the extra length would make stowage more awkward but it but It might be a neat solution.

I don't think the visible hinge on the table top would ruin the design, but worried if they'd be strong enough when being leant on in use.

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