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25 Sep. 1974

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The No.62 combines the benefits of a bevel-up 12° blade mounting angle, a set-up which gives as much support as possible to the cutting edge, with an adjustable mouth, making the plane particularly suitable for straightening edges either with or across the grain.
A toothed blade is available for this plane, which is excellent for the removal of heavy stock in difficult grain. This Low Angle Skew Block Plane is adapted from the Stanley #140, which was discontinued many years ago. Lie-Nielsen have altered the design by lowering the blade angle, and adding a fence and a captive nut blade adjuster to increase ease of use and versatility. Traditionally used for heavy roughing cuts, the Scrub Plane is excellent for this purpose and also practical for shaping irregular objects, producing an interesting finished surface, or for jobs like backing out a length of molding to fit an irregular wall.

At 558mm(22") long with a precisely ground ductile iron body, this plane is born to shoot accurate joints. A router plane is a great tool for working shallow mortises, trimming tenons, hinges, inlay, door locks and where any work requires an area cut to a precise depth. A block plane with an A2 cryogenically treated skewed blade and removable sidepiece for quick conversion into a rebating plane.
When not rabbeting, keep the stainless steel side on the plane to protect the acute angle of the frog.
The Lie Nielsen version is loosely based on an early Stanley model, but with an improved depth stop and adjuster.

Lie Nielsen have added the further refinements of an adjustable side fence and lowered the blade angle to 20°. The side nicker scores the timber slightly ahead of the blade making this plane just as effective working both with and across the grain.

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