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11 Aug. 1981

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This is in response to a viewer with a mini lathe who had questions concerning what wood turning tools were used during the video of turning the Salt and Pepper Mills. This is a sketch that was used for the layout when when the walnut blanks were turned to cylinders. The woodturning video shows step by step the process of how to woodturn salt and pepper mills.
You will notice in the how to woodturn video that a shop made woodworking plan was drawn to full scale and was also used as an aid to layout the turning blanks while the wood lathe was spinning. For a long time I have browsed through my various woodworking catalogs and noticed mechanisms for salt and peppermills. The next day when the glue was dry on the blanks I cut the long corners off at the bandsaw. This project is a fun one; not only because it's a good turning project but also because it's a very functional item making it great for yourself or for gifts. They can be hollowed out of a solid block of wood but in this one I chose to use the glued up Stave method and chose cherry and walnut for this one. I've now reversed our blank and put its top into my chuck in expansion mode before cleaning up and then parting off the excess wood at the bottom. After cutting the blanks to roughly the right size, I draw a line on them to help make sure I keep the grain lined up so when the pen is assembled you can tell the top and bottom part of the pen came from the same piece of wood. After the blanks are cut I drill a 7mm hole in each of them with a jig I made to keep the blanks aligned and centered. Turning the blanks starts by placing the blanks on a mandrel and into the mini-lathe while making sure the grain is still lined-up correctly.
After the blanks are secured and the lathe speed is adjusted, I shape the wood as it spins. After sanding I polish the wood with a paste wax containing Tripoli powder and then apply a couple coats of a shellac-based friction polish. FAQs on Heat Treating: Hardening and Tempering Here's a good place to find the FAQs on heat treating for those wishing to make their own woodturning tools. Gidgee Gallery represents the finest emerging and established Australian artists working in wood. Handcrafted Products of Distinction Offers a wide array of eye-catching products made using exotic wood, including bowls, vases, lamps, pens, picture frames, and more. Riser's Small Propane Fired Forge An excellent do-it-yourself project for those wishing to forge their own woodturning tools.
The Folly of Wood-Safe Finishes An article by Bob Flexner at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Turning Green Wood Here is a link to an excellent, rather long artical by Howard Lewin on "Turning Green Wood".
Woodturning Articles of Interest Sample Articles, Including one on Using a Laser Pointer to Measure Wall Thickness, from More Woodturning that will probably interest you in subscribing to this great monthly newsletter. Woodturning Tips Is dedicated to Carol Rix's e-book, "Woodturning Tips and Techniques - What Woodturners Want to Know". The Treadle Lathe FAQ Although not dealing totally with the historic points of treadle lathes, this seemed like the appropriate spot for this link.
Ask Tools LTD Ask tools stock a wide range of wood turning tools and machines from Robert Sorby, Crown Hand Tools, Hamlet, Record Power, Trend, SIP, Fox, Planet and many others.
ISLAND WOODCRAFT SUPPLIES Doug Black has a new store in Coquitlam BC at #6 - 145 Schoolhouse Street. John Jordan Woodturning This the site where John sells both the Stubby 750 and 1000 along with his newly designed hollowing tools. VermecThis is an Australian source for lathes, chucks, chuck accessories, Tailstock Swivel Attachment, and most woodturning needs. Woodturning Videos Plus Highly acclaimed original DVD videos and ebooks from the "Woodturning with Steven D. Online retailers of snake wood, amboyna burl, thuya wood, maple burl, marblewood, and an assortment of other highly figured exotic woods. Got Wood - Domestic Turning Blanks Beech, Black Walnut, Cherry, Hickory and Tulip Poplar blanks may be purchased here. Koa Wood Hawaii Chris Allen turns koa bowls and Koa gifts and has koa wood for sale online. The Huon Piner (Tasmania, Australia) Dave Roberts is Forestry Tasmania licensed to retrieve this very precious, ancient wood from a lake in our South-West World Heritage Wilderness.
Exotic Wood Jewelry Boxes Jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burls hand crafted by award winning Florida artisan Donald R. Last Call Wood Mark Tooker sells assembled Adirondack Furniture and furniture kits online at this website. Santa's Woodworking and Toyshop Fred Clause from Elyria, Ohio shows examples of his toys and other woodwork.
Solid Wood Furniture Harden Furniture is a manufacturer of solid wood furniture including bedroom, living room, office, dining, and more. Due to the length of your wood lathe you may need to bore out on your larger lathe, the drill press, or carefully by hand.
It is easy to spend hours at this wood craft while working with the various woodturning tools.

In this case the (4) pieces were glued together to create each turning blank by using Titebond II yellow glue. Now it was time to mount a blank on the lathe and begin the layout for mills’ design. I took the walnut to 400 grit sandpaper and then burnished each mill with sawdust as the lathe was turning. I like to glue the bottom of the cup to the wood using epoxy and then using silicon sealer around the lip to keep it watertight. I use 4 major steps in the process: (1) preparing the pen blanks, (2) turning (or shaping) the blanks on a lathe, (3) sanding and applying a finish, and (4) assembling all the pieces. Alexander's WorkShopA commercial site that offers videos on building bowl lathes, dust control, etc. Robert also shows some of the pieces that he has turned from these beautiful woods on his online gallery. Included with the set is a diagram with necessary dimensions for height and also dimensions for the wood boring. It is a good exercise as it causes one to refer to the plan and also to use the wood turning calipers to measure the necessary diameters. I chose the same design you see in the picture above with a turning knob on top, sweeping cove in the middle, and a double cove design just above the base. After turning the walnut mills I was quite pleased with the result and then decided to make a few more sets for family and friends. I've cut them on the table saw, just by adjusting the tablesaw to cut my wood blanks at 22.5 degrees.
If anyone has a woodturning link that they feel should be added to this page, please E-mail me.
The more time you work at the wood lathe, the more you gain a feel and understanding of how to woodturn. Featuring an extensive selection of turning blanks, carving blocks, planks, logs, and bookmatched sets.

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