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It is the easiest to use, and it’s your patriotic duty as a Canadian to support this superior screwing technology. Wood screws are pointy, and may or may not have threads all the way to the head (usually not). These look pretty similar to thicker drywall screws except that the are available in Robertson heads. Its pretty rare to see posidrive screws, But every screwdriver bit set seems to come with posidrive drivers, so its probably more common to go wrong the other way.
The only time I’ve ever seen posidrive screws was on a piece of furniture I was assembling. Often the head has a conical profile allowing the head to be driven into the material and lay flat (or covered with a plug or wood filler.) When joining two pieces of wood together, you want the unthreaded portion of the screw to be about the same length as the thickness of the top piece of wood.

They’re usually green in colour, and are treated to put up with the corrosive nastiness of pressure treated wood. If these are the only screws you have laying around, then it’s probably safe to use them for interior repairs.
It is intended for those people who know that the flat end of the nail is the end you hit with the shoe, and that butter knives make acceptable screwdrivers. The major problem is you still get the brittleness of plaster without the additional support of wood lathe. If you were to use a drywall screw instead, it is quite likely that the screw will actually end up forcing the pieces apart slightly.
Usually light loads will be attached with a plastic drywall plug to spread out the downwards force so that your nail or screw doesn’t pull down the wall, opening a crack like a zipper would.

Furthermore, the gypsum came in large sheets, so that the plaster doesn’t flow in behind and lock like it does with wood lathe.
People putting up drywall will usually buy a special tip for their drill that takes advantage of the Phillips driver’s tendency to slip out of the screw. The Phillips screw was designed so that the drive would twist out of the screw head if it got too tight.
A hole of appropriate size is drilled through the material, and the bolts are tightened so that the friction between the wood pieces prevent any movement.

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