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28 Sep. 1993

Kunz block planes,horizontal murphy bed desk,how stain wood darker - Test Out

The standard block plane is typically used with one hand and is one of the most useful planes you can get for your shop. With an iron bedded at 22 degrees and an iron bevel of 25 degrees, this plane's cutting angle of 47 degrees is a great choice for those general trimming and finishing tasks where a larger bench plane would be too large. I don't care how much you spend on a plane, all of them need to have be inspected, trued and have the blades sharpened.
These Kunz planes are a great starting platform for an awesome everyday planes because the materials are top notch, they are made in Germany (not China), the designs are all copies of the tried and true Stanley models, and really the amount of work you put into it to get a high end outcome is minimal.

I feel overall that the Kunz planes are all a five when the dust settles and the work is done. 220 by KUNZ features a lever cap that extends all the way to the edge of the cutting iron as well as an integrated lever cap tightening knob. It is like money in the bank.Yes my hand planes are the most used tools in the shop and yes I do own some of the high dollar planes as well.
The high dollar planes are nice, work great, less work overall, but at the same time I work really hard for my money and that is why I think a little work on my plane to bring up to my expectations is expected.

The depth of cut is easily adjusted by turning the depth adjustment knob at the rear of the plane. In relation to price, quality and features, we believe this block plane offers one of the best values around.

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