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We looked at the above samples in every lighting possible: sunlight, lights on, lights off, in the dark and even three different kinds of light bulbs. I love your choice( I am partial to that shade of wood) and from what you described early on as to what you were looking for I was pretty sure that this was the one you would settle on. So this month we thought we’d put together a blog post to answer the most common questions we are asked about choosing, applying and living with dark stained floors.
If you have red or white oak (which makes up the majority of Naperville homes) then there is no problem at all. But if you have an exotic wood floor like Ipe or Jatoba, then we will strongly suggest that they should not be stained for two reasons… 1) they already look nice and dark naturally – these are the woods people try to emulate when they stain oak – so why mess with mother nature, and 2) they have natural oils in them that can make them extremely hard to get a consistent, even look. It’s possible to make your hardwood floors solid black if you really want them to be that dark, but a lighter black or Jacobean or Coffee brown might look better in your setting. In order to get a more even color, plus a few shades darker, we go through a process called water popping.
A lot of this comes down to the finish system you put on top of the stain not so much the color of the stain itself.
If you use a high-end professional grade finish system like we do at Tadas Wood Flooring, then you won’t have this issue to worry about.
It’s just like how dark colored cars look dirtier quicker than beige cars… not that they are dirtier, but they look dirtier faster because you can see every light colored speck on them easier with the dark background. Every single speck of dust, every single strand of dog hair and every tiny piece of lint will be much more noticeable on a dark surface.

If you have bigger, more open rooms then it’s not as big an issue unless you have dark maroon or chocolate brown walls. Dark stained floors will help anchor a room and give you the freedom to put light, bright colors on the walls – or even just white – that will add brightness to the room.
In the end, staining hardwood floors is going to come down to personal choice just like a car color. When you do, if you live in Naperville or the surrounding area, we’ll be here to help transform those beautiful hardwood floors into the perfect shade of stain you’ve been dreaming about. Hi there, I live in Estes Park, Colorado and I’m trying to convince the floor guy that I want a darker finish on my 80 year old red oak floors. Pretty much all of the floors we finish with OSMO we stain first with a different brand of stain. I’m trying to find a stain for my family room colums and mantle that will match my dark cherry cabinets.
Call us crazy, but the stain will be going throughout the house (see floor plan here), so we want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Putting something on paper usually does change the color tone and it can’t really be judged until you see the real thing, especially since wood will soak some of it up.
Oak takes a stain very well and we can stain from a light color all the way up to dark ebony.
We’ll make up some large sample boards for you to view in your home setting to compare with each other so you can see for yourself how dark you can handle.

The only difference is the scratch in the dark colored floor will show through more noticeably as the color of the natural wood underneath is lighter. If you have a white haired dog or cat that sheds a lot of hair and you don’t like to sweep up after them other than on weekends, then dark floors may not be for you.
It’s pretty obvious that lighter floors will brighten up small dark rooms and make them look bigger because they reflect light.
We have used Duraseal and Minwax stains so you should have no trouble with either of those. On our floors, though, it wasn’t dark enough in certain lighting, and it had a lot of unexpected lighter gray tones.
It’s because of cheap, poor quality finishes that dark stained floors have this reputation of showing scratches easily. On the other hand, dark floors will absorb light and have the opposite effect in a small room. We really have nothing bad to say about this stain, other than it could stand to be somewhat darker on the non-grain portions.

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