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23 Apr. 1992

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This technique will allow you to transfer practically any text or graphic onto unfinished wood using an inkjet printer and wax paper. With the wax paper transfer I would use a clear polyurethane spray to seal, anything that you brush on could spread the ink a little but a spray would seal it without disturbing the pattern.
We recently saw this cool post on Craft Chi* about inkjet transfer stamping, and our brains nearly exploded.
But our humiliation is your gain, sweet reader, because after we walked home, we wrote an image transfer tutorial just for you. Using your inkjet printer means you can transfer any image you want to nearly any surface you happen to have handy. Use your favorite image editing software to reverse the image- otherwise it will be backwards when you transfer it. Rub your hand (or roll the brayer) over the image to make sure all the ink transfers to the paper. If you’re worried about that you could always run a cleaning cycle or two on plain paper after each time you do this.
I’ve been printing with Future Acrylic Floor Polish (now branded as Pledge), with an inkjet directly on copper clad boards for some years now. A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try making something but it involved transferring a photo onto wood so I did a little research. Holding the transfer tight to the wood, and working quickly, swipe the edge of a credit card across the image.

Like I said earlier you can use this technique on any smooth, unfinished wood like old crates, tables, or chairs. Dampening the wood a bit with a sponge will make the transfer darker, but it might blur and smudge if you’re not extremely careful.
And remember, a few readers have struggled to get the wax paper to go through their printer.
Gonna do this with my grandkids pics and put them on little pieces of wood for my key chain ! I have tried this with a spritz of water on the wood to dampen it and the first one worked out amazing.
What I love about the wax paper process is affordability and the instant aged look to the final product.
Cut a piece of wax paper the same size as your printer paper and tape it to the paper top and bottom.
Without allowing the wax paper to touch the wood yet, center the text over the wood and then lay it down lightly in place.
Im confused as to whether a water-based polyeurethane will work or whether it will damage the inkjettransfer when applying it.
Armed only with an inkjet and some copier transparencies, you too can put images on anything you like. Play with your printer settings so you get the most amount of ink on the print: the glossy photo paper setting worked well for us.

I dont know the exact process but she uses Modge Podge and Elmers glue to make a nearly perfect transfer onto ANY surface.
However, laser toner is fused to the rice paper and doesn’t run when wetted with epoxy.
I do image transfers onto acrylic painted surfaces all the time, and a latex surface is essentially the same thing.
Other tutorials use freezer paper, which I had never seen in Canada (or heard of), but it seems to be sturdier. If you print out your picture onto the wax paper, just as this project does, I would think it would work. If you choose a colored receiving paper, remember that inkjet ink is transparent, so the color of the paper will show through (blue+yellow=green!). Just give the ink ample time to dry after transferring to avoid smudging, and make sure you seal it.
Looked as good as a print on heavy paper and once sealed with wax was even mostly waterproof.
To make sure the position is correct and the waxed paper is large enough just print the image on regular paper; then cut a piece just big enough to cover it and tape it on.

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