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04 Mar. 2002

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AboutA tortilla press, called a "tortilladora" in Mexico, is a simple metal or wooden tool has a base, top, and handle used to make corn tortillas. The traditional method for making corn tortillas (tlaxcalli is the Indian word and tortilla is the Spanish word) was to flatten balls of fresh dough between your hands. Cast Iron Tortilla Press Rick Bayless, author of "Authentic Mexican" as well as star chef recommends using a traditional cast iron tortilla press for making fresh tortillas. Balls of masa are placed in the center of the press, pressure applied and the dough is flattened into a round, flat tortilla.
A skilled tortilla maker can pat the dough back and forth and create a perfectly round, thin, corn cake (tortilla). It is pretty and shinny but you have to press harder so you get a bit more exercise using this press.

Place a sheet of plastic wrap, or a plastic bag and cover the plates of the press to prevent sticking.
Learn about the Mexican tortilla press including cast iron, wood, and electric and how to Select the right press for you.
Another method was to flatten the dough on a banana leaf, turning the leaf with one hand and patting with the other to form a nice round tortilla.
Place the masa ball on the center of the press base, sit the top of the press on top of the ball and press the handle downward to "press" out the tortilla.
The "modern" way to make tortillas is with a press, or to buy them from the local tortilla factory. Then wipe the press clean and place paper toweling between the plates to absorb any moisture.

Selecting The Right Finish Classic Silver Coating - The typical Mexican tortilla press has a "silver" painted on coating normally "crudely" applied. Bottom line, if you feel you need or want this type of press, only purchase a hardwood product (mesquite or oak).

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