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Serving up ribs at a backyard barbecue during the summer is one of the true joys of being a pitmaster. Step One: Insert the stainless smoker box under the grills grates on one side of the pit, setting it on the flame deflectors (sometimes called flavorizer bars) that cover the burners, fill it with wood chips, pour one cup of water on the chips and close the hinged lid of the box. Close the lid on the smoker box and put the grate back in place (or leave it off to make refilling easy).
Step Two: While the grill is heating up you will prep your ribs (we cooked three racks of baby backs for this cook) by trimming off any excess fat and pulling the papery membrane from the bone side of the ribs. Step Three: After a couple hours, check on the ribs and make sure your smoker box still has wood chips. If you have any questions about this technique, or how to smoke other foods on your gas grill, please comment below. My taste in ribs has changed over the years, as well as my cooking method; originally I braised my ribs in apple juice and onions for a couple hours, then crisped them over a grill. To demonstrate, I decided to use spare ribs, which is a cheaper cut of ribs, but they taste just fine to me when cooked properly.
Many competitive barbecuers like to trim their spare ribs before smoking them; typically they remove the skirt (flap) from the cupped side of the ribs, as well as the rib tips (the upper part attached to the long ribs).

Remove the membrane from the bottom (cupped side) of the ribs – here is a quick video on how to do it. Start your grill and leave the burner that’s under the wood chips on high heat for 15-20 minutes to start the smoking process.
Grill the ribs for three hours, until the meat starts to recede and you can see the bones sticking out, like in the picture above. Melissa, I generally don’t oil my grill, especially when using indirect heat like in this recipe.
Ignite the burner that your smoker box is resting on, put your rib rack in place, and close the lid of your grill.
Take a little time and adjust the burner so that your grill is holding steady between 225?F and 250?F. If you want more smoke flavor, you can refill the box now, but if you like a more mild smoke there is no need to worry about it. Once the bone swivels freely and the meat around the bone stays in place your ribs are done. Having a Victorinox 12″ Granton Edge Slicer will make this especially easy as the knife will move through the ribs like butter and the granton edge will release the meat without tearing your bark apart on each cut.

I only have one burner that extends the length of the grill although I have a small rack over top of it where I could set the ribs. One of the problems we run into from time to time is a customer that has a nice gas grill but no smoker and doesn’t have the budget or want to spend the money to buy a standalone pit. What’s most important is getting smoke into the ribs for the first two hours of the cook. Once you get the heat where you want it, place your ribs on your rib rack and close the grill lid. This will make slicing much easier as the juice in the ribs will redistribute back into the meat from the surface. The single burner that is burning the wood chips will provide the chamber with the perfect amount of heat to cook the ribs. It will still be tough to move at this point, but after a couple more hours it will start to swivel in place and the rack of ribs will no longer feel springy.

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