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Here is how I managed to drill straight down into the shelves assuring that the brackets would fit flush.
It may go without saying but you need to put the toggle bolt into the bracket before you put it in the wall.
As an added bonus the brass cover plates from our new Adorne light switches look amazing with the raw wood shelves.
So a big thank you to the amazing Ana for whipping up such a fantastic make-it-yourself shelf tutorial.
I know the Big white Box store has these for 20-30 bucks a pop, but you get a GREAT sense of satisfation and pride when you do them yourself.
I’m moving into my first house in a month and I was really wanting Knock Off Wood to have a tutorial on these shelves! I live in a track home in the suburbs and have a lot of big walls and not a lot of definition when it comes to dividing one room from another.
Be sure that the screws you use have a flat head on them because they will be up against the wall and you don’t want them to interfere with the board being flat against the wall when you install the shelves. If you are looking to have the shelf sit flush to the wall as most people do, you will want to use a router to clear a space in the shelf so the bracket sits within the shelf. Generally, you would want to find the studs in the wall and screw the brackets directly into them.

And you may even be able to get the store to make the exact cuts in the list below, which will save you from any at-home sawing!
Just like you would add a back to an IKEA bookcase, tack the plywood to the tops and bottoms of the shelf. I didn’t do that because we are putting a decorative strip of wood on the back to cover any gap between the shelf and the wall. If you cannot locate a stud, then you will need to use drywall anchors to hang your shelves.
We can’t believe that she actually whipped up a pair for herself (she wanted to be sure that the plans that she provided were as accurate and detailed as possible).
It’s about creating some floating shelves on the far wall so we can get some much needed storage and activity space for Atlas.
I put a small sliver of wood between the leg and the shelf to make sure it was perfectly level and then just screwed them in. If you are unfamiliar with toggle bolts, they go into your wall and expand to anchor themselves on the back side of the drywall. Underneath I built a makeshift brace for the shelf to keep it steady and level until we found a solution. So the stalking starts today with my favorite feature in your home, those floating shelves in your dining area.

And to yet another group of people, having solid homemade shelves is totally worth the time and satisfaction upon completion. Align the drill bit left to right and top to bottom with your trusty eyeballs and then drill down just a little bit at a time checking between each round to make sure you are still on point.
This will not just give you room for your drill, but it will also create a hook, or a stronger joint. And some hand eye coordination to drill straight down into the wood (I’ll get into how I did that in a sec). Use a level to line up the center of the holes before you drill to ensure that the shelf will be level when install it. Take your bracket, line it back up to the pencil mark and mark the spot through the hole in the bracket where you will need to drill.

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