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26 Aug. 1997

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Setting aside the contamination question, there's another safety issue to consider, if you're thinking about crafting with reclaimed wood pallets: fumigated or pressure treated wood. According to that site wooden pallets weight between 70 and 80 pounds…I must be supeman then. The old traditional 4 way pallets (non-block) are completely chemical free (unless marked) and are completely safe to use once you remove the nails. I think that their point is the pallets which are treated with chemicals may maintain some of those chemicals within the wood. I work at a sawmill and when it says HT it does mean heat treated this means that they put the lumber in huge kilns and to dry it to a certain moisture content and this process also kills any bugs that may be living in the wood that may spread and cause damage to living trees.(It is basically using heat to sterilize the wood) The only reason the wood ends up as pallets is that it does not make stud grade or can not be used as construction lumber. If you purchase the pallets through a company that fumigates them or uses heat treatment, I feel like it’s a safe bet.
Yesterday, a reader alerted us to the possible dangers of wooden shipping pallets, especially found ones that are so great for d-i-y projects. We discovered that the shipping pallets you find at the dump or on the street could be problematic. Pallets made of non-wood materials such as engineered wood products like plywood, exempt from ISPM 15 regulations. I recommend checking out the pictures of how these folks sanded the pallets to a furniture grade finish. So, I know this is quite an old post, but… I am having a hard time finding some info about what type of pallets I might have. I can get a ton of pallets at work, and I have compiled quite a list of cool things I want to do with them.
Pallets that ship overseas are the ones usually treated or fumigated to prevent the spread of invasive pests.

Pallet makers are phasing out methyl bromide, but you may still see this mark on some older pallets. If you’re growing food on those pallets, there is a chance that the chemicals may contaminate the soil and therefore the food.
If you were to look at boards purchased at any lumber retailer you would see that ALL lumber is stamped with HT and then it also has a stamp indicating its designed purpose and the kind of wood it is made out of. So here is the best info we have on navigating found pallets (with some additional info woven in just this morning), plus a great source of pure wood pallets.
The gist, like just about everything these days: use found pallets according to your own good judgement and comfort level. Otherwise, if we find a good-looking one on the street, which read it’s markings to see if it is one of the safe kind.
I built a headboard out of palette wood that was discarded at a mechanic shop down the street. Many of the pallets are in great shape, but I have avoided taking them home yet since I want to make sure they are safe.
We only have one manufacturer that ships from overseas, and I know which pallets those are in our warehouse and they do all have a HT mark on them – so I know it is not that one. I have found so many articles on what to look for but not one explaining the symptoms resulting from working with chemically treated pallets. Pressure treated wood looks different from untreated wood, and once you see the difference in color, it should be pretty easy to spot. The longer answer is that often times pressure treated lumber has these little hatch marks all along the wood surface. I recommending doing a search on the internet, not necessarily re pallets but re sealing with polyeurathae to prevent contamination or something like that.

The thing is that many of the perfect pallets have absolutely no markings of any sort on them. The pallets are used to ship large medical equipment, so I am fairly confident that they have never been in contact with food.
As far as which manufacturer the unmarked pallets are coming from though, I can’t pinpoint it yet as all of the equipment has already been removed from those. The idea is to prevent decay and pest infestation, but you definitely don't want those treated pallets inside your house or touching food.
Also if they are a green or other color besides aged wood you might not want to put your veggie garden in either of them.
Wood treated with MB absorbs a small amount that gets released over time, that’s why people are not recommended to put MB treated wood in your home. Fumigated wood is treated with pesticides, which also isn't great from a health standpoint.
There is a good portion of the wood that is heat treated and planed that is sold to pallet makers.I would guess that if any chemicals are sprayed on while making the pallet that company would probably be legally obligated to let you know right on the pallet itself. So I would also assume that they are not using pallets that are intended to be shipped internationally.
According the Nina Saltman, pressure-treated wood tends to be a big darker than most, if you know what it looks like, you can figure out your pallet.

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