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12 Nov. 1995

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Kate from Royal Oak, Michigan installed these cat shelves to help her cat, Doja, with some self-esteem issues. Using basic wooden boards and brackets from the hardware store, Kate created the perfect DIY cat shelves. Most cats love to climb, and many are more comfortable when they are up high, able to survey their surroundings.
Joan Laisney from Carlsbad, California got creative when she wanted to make a climbing shelf for her cats.
Mags and her partner from Urbana, Illinois created this terrific cat climbing wall with some simple materials.

Darla from Mobile, Alabama did some excellent Catification here, creating a multi-level cat climbing wall with some simple materials.
Oftentimes cats will be more secure and self-confident when they are able to climb to a higher place in a room, where they can survey their surroundings. The shelves are painted the same color as the walls so everything matches, and both felines and humans are happy.
It’s fantastic to get to know your cat better by building vertical choices for him or her. There are lots of creative ways to add walkways, perches, and surfaces that allow cats to climb safely inside.

But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. These examples show you how easy it is to integrate cat climbing elements into your home in a way that both you and your cat will appreciate. We are moving soon and when we get our own room and I get a job I am going to make our room kitty heaven (mine and Kye’s).

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