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Cabinet doors can make or break the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets - and the longevity of the cabinets. Put on the desired finish, install the hinges and doorknob and you are ready to hang the cabinet door. Make the stiles blanks the length you need and then run the inside edge through a stile router bit mounted on a router table. Cut the door panel insert slightly less than the size you need to allow for wood expansion and contraction. Begin assembly of the door by applying glue with a brush to the inside of the stile where the rail meets it and insert the rail tenon.
Sand the door, finish as desired, install the hardware and hang the new cabinet door on the cabinet frame.
The style of panel cabinet door you want can vary from the flat one described here to raised and glass panel doors. Step up the look of slab cabinet doors by adding molding to the edge or offset from the edge of the door.

With all kitchen plans, I'll be uploading 3D Models to Google 3D Warehouse in a Collection so you can download the models and design your own kitchens! Special thanks to the kind folks over at PureBond for supplying our beautiful healthy plywood for these cabinets. Author Notes:  If anything is surprising us about building your own kitchen cabinets, it's just how easy it is! It's the doors that take the time, but I'll talk about different door ideas later in this post and also in dedicated door building posts. Holy cow that looks beautiful considering its home made and not some cheap store bought cabinet.
So next I took this really small trim (I have no idea what this is for, but it’s incredibly cheap, and rounded on both edges), and cut pieces to cover the edges of the door. I am thrilled that you posted this AND with pictures, I am dying to do this to my kitchen, cabinets and have not been able to visualize it. Sooooo excited to see someone tackle making door fronts as I have 33 kitchen cupboards that are in desperate need of a makeover but the pocketbook doesn’t have enough in it to get ready-made.

If you have the patience for it, this is definitely a great way to save money on a kitchen makeover! You need to realize that this type of cabinet door requires more tools, skill and time to create. However, the finished results can be very rewarding if you are willing and ready to step up to the challenge. She’s proud of teaching herself how to design wikiHow Talk pages and now puts those skills to use regularly, helping out other users. I wish you had done this a year ago when my hubby was making doors for the front of our tub- we just ended up with plain boards rounded on the edges. Panel doors consist of two stiles (side pieces) and two rails (top and bottom) along with a panel that sits between them.

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