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Learn how to assemble and install an outdoor arched arbor kit; watch a video containing valuable assembly and installation tips. We use two by fours to experiment with the orientation of the arbor, determining whether we want it angled more toward the back yard or toward the house. With an agreement on layout, we use framing squares to make sure the corners are a perfect 90 degrees. We've already checked with the utility companies to make sure there are no underground pipes or cables. Next, we attach a wooden brace, check the adjacent post for plumb and attach the opposite end of the brace to it. As Dana continues to add water to the concrete mix, we repeatedly check the post to make sure it remains perfectly vertical. Today's HouseCall, just outside Minneapolis has me helping Ernie and Dana Vauder bridge their husband and wife gardens with an arbor. Now we're ready to cut a second set of beams, the two arch shaped ones that will span the front and rear of the arbor. Construct a garden arbor with built-in benches on each side for seating and a graceful open-raftered canopy which provides shade.

Using a sketch and two by fours, experiment with the orientation of the arbor, determining the location and desired width.
Use framing squares to make sure the corners are 90 degrees and then mark the four corners with chalk and remove the two by fours.
Check with the utility company first to make sure there are no underground pipes or cables and then bore four holes to 42 inches deep, using either a post hole digger or a power auger. Trace and cut a second set of beams that will span the front and rear of the arbor using small nails and a thin strip of wood to outline the top and bottom of the arch. Otherwise, the ground could freeze and start pushing the posts up and that wouldn't be a good thing for an arbor. Each bench seat consists of a pair of two by six cedar boards and once they're screwed down, our arbor is complete.
Building a DIY Garden Arbor will give you a sense of accomplishment and your garden will look amazing. We're going to apply some cedar to this pressure treated lumber which goes down into the ground, to make it more attractive, to cover up the -- the green lumber here.
To lay out the curved pieces, first make a template of the arch; a stick with a pencil hole bored in one end and a nail driven at the other works as a compass [1].

Nail horizontal lattice strips at the tops and bottoms of the posts, again using a small piece of wood as a spacer [10]. We have put together a collection of DIY Arbor ideas that create the ultimate summer project. The arbor will be open on the sides except for a pair of benches looking out on both gardens. After placing the first post, we use a post level to make sure that it's plumb or perfectly vertical. You can use pressure-treated lumber if you can find straight, dry stock -- warped wood will just leave you frustrated.
Until the arbor is in place, screw temporary braces across the bottoms of the posts to prevent flexing.
When gluing up the arch, use a water-resistant glue and make sure the wood is dry.More From Popular MechanicsWhile you're in the planning stage, decide whether you'll plant the posts in the ground, or use post brackets to secure them on concrete blocks, as we did.

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