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30 Aug. 1994

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I spotted this DIY play kitchen on Ohdeedoh and hoped I would make it myself; it was created for less than $50 using all Ikea components. For hard-core DIY’ers, you may want to veer away from the Ikea components and pre-existing furniture and really over-achieve. I have always lived the idea of a play kitchen for my kids so when my parents made this gorgeous one for Milla I was more than thrilled!!
Sure enough my Christmas miracle, Raj, head of the flooring department, was waiting for me when I returned on our agreed upon day. I looked into buying my son a play kitchen and was pretty surprised how much they can cost.
Here are four ways to recycle material around the house and make your own play kitchen, for a fraction of the price. A set of handy grandparents made this kitchen for Milla using an old TV unit (found on Craigs List for $30) as a foundation. A few honorable mentions of awesome DIY play kitchens go to La Force Be With You (for their nightstand into pink power kitchen), At Home Alterations, and Family Fun kid-sized kitchen.

I was inspired by DIY kitchens like this and this and this, but had lots of my own kitchen dreams in mind too.
I quickly realized these dowels would be kindling in a toddler’s hands, so yesterday I switched them out for a small metal cooling rack (one I inherited from my mom at least 10 years ago). Between this, the train tracks, the bus party = get out of jail free card for the rest of the year when it comes to any parenting snafu’s. My son loves to cook with me and is always dragging his tool bench into the kitchen using it as an oven. This one won’t last forever, but hey, they lose interest in these things pretty quickly.
I am determined for my daughters to have a play kitchen of their own, but do not want to spend an arm and a leg for a quality one. It took me about a minute to find the tile I wanted, a glass, greenish, subway variety at Home Depot that I’ve been drooling over for years. There is actually a thing going on with Hasbro right now where a teenage girl asked them to make a totally gender neutral Easy Bake Oven and they listened.

I think there actually are a bunch of gender neutral options out there (I wavered on our project a couple times and shopped around) but none have quite the details I was looking for. I also encourage you to be on the hunt in your local Craig’s List for a complete kitchen set.
I loved the place before, but this seals the deal—I’ll be a Home Depot shopper for life! I noticed that in this post, you mentioned posting plans for a larger kitchen set, but I didn't see any while I was browsing through the list of posted plans. Though at $20, I decided I could make it work and bought the big one anyway, hoping to solve my height variance issue later.

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