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12 Aug. 2007

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If you haven't yet fired up your fireplace, insert or wood stove, before you do, make sure the chimney is clean and in good condition.
Ken Nigohosian, MetLife's regional sales manager for Northern California and a home- and auto-safety expert, focuses first on fire safety. Don't start a fire with barbecue lighter fluid or other flammable liquids; they're not for indoor use. Anyway, stove advise from me (heated with wood for 29 years and now supplement with fireplace insert): you are doing everything right but add about a gallon of very dry tinder, then pile of kindling.
The picture shows way too little kindling to get a fire to even begin to warm the stove pipe up. I married into a family of firebugs so I have never had the opportunity to even think about starting a fire.
Like everyone else, i’d say kindling is the answer, i grab a bundle of little fallen dead twiggy bits every time i pass and then keep them in the porch ready, plus use small pieces of the dryest wood such as ash, or silver birch which seems to burn whatever. Patience… our voting counts but the judges votes count more…keep the good mood attitude!! I usually can get the fire started, it only has trouble when I want to add more wood.Maybe you could practice outside with your fire pit. Also, a few hard blows from the lungs onto the red coals can often rekindle a fire that is being stubborn.

A dry piece of kindling or cardboard on top of the logs will help to pull the fire up through them and get them burning. Flintknapping hammer stones work great for this, as does soap stone, which holds heat for a long time and can be easily worked into the perfect size and shape.
The longer you leave your rock by the fire, the more heat will absorb into the stone, meaning the more warmth that is waiting to be diffused out to you over time. The first time I made a fire, the smoke came out into the the room instead of going up the chimney. My one and only experience with a wood stove was in dead of winter in Missouri on the farm we lived on. It holds the fire up too high and if you load your wood right you can get air right to the heart of the fire. Also a thing to try after you get a fire started is to take any fruit branches that you have pruned (keep these separate from the rest of the kindling bundle) and place them on a slow fire with the door open to let the aroma into the house. Then I break them or saw them into stove size pieces and put them in boxes and store in a dry place (front porch, garage, shed).
If you start with a couple of medium sized pieces of wood laid at a slight angle with a bit of space in between and then put your paper in there (stick it out one end). She had banked the fire to last until I got home from school but I played around in the barn.

This will get some air to the center but the wood is close enough that it shouldn’t go out. Kekep a load of kindling near the wood stove to make sure it is good and dry when you get ready to use it. As others have mentioned, make sure your wood is seasoned and dry, meaning not green and not wet.
It may take you a few tries but as long as your wood is completely dry and your kindling is small you should have no trouble.
You can eventually start a fire with just paper but you will be adding it forever and it makes a tremendous amount of ash to clean up. I usually go about 3 days without cleaning the ashes out depending on how steady I’ve kept the fire going.
You can uncover them at a later point and they should be still glowing hot, ready to help start another fire.

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