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23 Jul. 2015

How to make a cutting board from a piece of wood,diy projects to sell,franklin's polyurethane wood glue,required tools for woodworking - For Outdoors

You can make a longer-lasting and IMO nicer-looking, yet still food-safe finish, by melting some beeswax into your mineral oil.
Just found your site, OMG I am making at least 10 of your projects THIS WEEKEND, well maybe not 10 but I love these cutting boards and the cement planters and the pink and e rope basket and…where was I, oh yeah cutting boards. Hi Mikki, I posted the lengths of the cutting boards somewhere in the comments, check up above!!
Make your own wood cutting boards or serving trays with a piece of wood, coffee grinds and mineral oil. I love the look of wood cutting boards, but my chef husband reminds me always of how unsanitary they are. He had long wanted a large table for the kitchen, and always found small, thin boards, so now I know how to make my own. Yes, a jigsaw will cut these wood species as well, but if you have a friend who has a bandsaw it makes the job a lot easier and cleaner. Starting at 80 grit is fine, but if you jump from there to 220, you’ll see all your sanding marks.
After peeling off half dollar size pieces of plastic off our old boards (fresh out of the dishwasher)… I realized it was time to get new ones.
Not only will they square and plane it for you normally free of charge they’ll also be very much cheaper than anywhere else and offer good advice on what wood to use and how to finish it.

I have just made some boards out of Australian Blackwood and the Olive Oil coating has brought out the colour and grain beautifully.
It really depends on the wood, mainly- what type you buy, if you’re using something you found, etc. I saw something similar in Canadian House and Home recently, but I like how you shaped yours with a jigsaw first. These would make fabulous gifts and look like a great entry level project for me into woodworking! I do a lot of woodworking and have a large chuck of 2″ thick maple that I think will be good for the long board but I was hoping you would share your dimensions as I really like the proportions you have achieved.
Kate of Centsational Girl has created a fantastic, easy tutorial for how to make your own custom cutting boards of any size and shape. Wipe down all boards to remove any remaining sawdust, then condition with food-safe mineral oil to bring out the beauty of the wood. I’ve been wanting but not finding a garlic clove-shaped cutting board for a while; maybe I should just make one! If the giftee’s a knitter, try making the cutting board in the shape of a knitting needle or two needles stuck in a ball of yarn. I also make these, and I had a number of people tell me that you can also use walnut oil on them.

We have a woodworking studio, and we use natural walnut oil for all of our cutting boards, as it’s truly the safest and purest oil that is available to finish wood naturally. I'm on a quest for diamond style on a dime, and out to make my world fabulous, for less, one DIY or decorating project at a time.
Make sure you have a sharp blade, too, or else your cutting will be slow, jagged (requiring a lot more sanding), and could burn the wood. Get a big pile of wood and make one for everyone you know — paired with a cookbook or a small culinary item, a homemade cutting board would make such a lovely gift. Remember all wood cutting board need a coat of oil once in a while and always wet teh entire piece of wood or the wood will warp. These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.

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