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04 Jun. 1997

How to make a curved wooden hammock stand,homemade wooden kayak rack,woodworking without nails - Plans Download

To make a mold for the curves, I used a makeshift trammel from 2x2s to draw an 89″ radius on some particle board.
I cut out the curve with a jigsaw, traced a second radius from the first, and clamped them together to sand the radius smooth.
4 of the curves get cut down to 90″ arcs and bolted together—2 at the base sandwiching 2 arms.
Add hardware in the arms for holding the hammock at the height of your choosing, hang the hammock, and enjoy!

Add book-binding tape or painters tape along the curve (not shown here) so the glue-up doesn’t stick to the mold. After some initial napkin calculations, this was pretty much a make-it-up-as-you-go project. I think the changes give it a really nice look and make it cheaper and more durable than mine.
When the epoxy was cured, I jointed, sanded planed—whatever I could do to smooth the sides of the curves.

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