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Flow through worm bins are the way to go if you're wanting a less hassle operation than that of a plastic Rubbermaid. Air can flow through the cracks and joints unlike the plastic ones where it's just one piece.This is more of a method rather than a type of wooden worm bin. When you've harvested your castings you simply slip the bottom tray out, dump the worm castings and put it back on top. I would like to end by saying that, although we've been discussing wooden flow through worm bins, the plastic flow through worm bins are much in the same. This method allows you to harvest your worm castings in a manner that is less disturbing to the worms.

I touched on this in the Plastic worm bins section.The wooden worm bin will breathe better. They have screens or holes on the bottoms of each tray.When the worms are less disturbed the productivity increases. If you don't leave ample time for the cocoons to hatch and migrate toward the food source above then the baby worms will be harvested to only die in your garden or flower bed during the hard winter months. The more worms you can keep, the more worms that will multiply and create castings and create more worms. So if you have some old lumber and a little bit of hardware lying around, The sky's the limit.The great thing about the wooden bins is that the wood breathes and soaks up some of the moisture.

When the food source runs out, the worms migrate from the lower compartment to the upper compartment where the fresh food source is. The plastic flow through bins (worm Towers) come with a spout and bottom tray to catch the leachate.If you decide to make your own plastic flow through then you can easily buy a spout from any home improvement store but won't really need this as you get better at controlling the moisture within your flow through worm bins.

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