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13 Mar. 1992

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If you’re not sold on the iPad and are tired of waiting for tablets from other PC makers to show up, try getting your hands dirty with a tablet you can build on your own.
Since the Beagle tablet doesn’t have any storage beyond the SD card, it is extremely lightweight, weighing just about 8 ounces.
The battery life of the Beagle tablet can vary from three hours to six hours depending on the application, says Hyunh. The Beagle tablet is a lot of work since you would have to load everything from an OS to different applications.
You can pick up a tablet for less than ?30 these days, but very little separates one model from another.
However, the DIY tablet doesn’t come cheap and all the individual parts will set you back around $350 (?210).'It seems that every day a manufacturer comes out with a new tablet computer - thinner, lighter, faster, but it seems that they all look about the same and accomplish roughly the same things,’ sad ’ said designer Michael Castor. Although Castor spent months designing the PiPad, and acquiring all the parts needed to build it, the construction only took two weeks.

It isn’t going to be your next iPad, but it is cool how some technical know how and bit of brains can build something so cool. It took roughly two weeks to build the DIY tablet PC and the finished product is very nice.
Those people that can’t wait for the iPad HD can learn from the youku video and build themselves an iPad3 or a Windows 7 powered tablet running a desktop setup.
The DIY tablet targets developers who want to create a tablet of their dreams or write specialized software applications. In a bid to create 'something different', an Ohio-based inventor decided to build his own, complete with touchscreen, USB ports, and apps. Castor recently took the device to a Maker Faire in New York, where he met Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton, who praised the device and signed the rear casing.‘Overall I’m very happy with my Raspberry Pi tablet,’ said Castor.
The Windows XP tablet is built from individual spare parts and the video even shows him building the case for it.

Called the PiPad, the 10.75-inch tablet is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer and runs on the Linux-based Raspian Operating system. In a video on youku, a talented chinese hardware hacker is shown building an Apple tablet from parts.
He does give his DIY tablet an Apple feel by colouring white and putting the Apple logo on it. The video is roughly 20 minutes long and is sped up footage of the man making the Apple tablet.

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