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03 Mar. 1989

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At this point Jeremiah inlaid four, 1” wooden dowels, each 4′ long into the foam before he glued them together to give him some needed strength where he would be standing.
We tried to source the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin (supposedly polyester resin will melt your foam) needed for our boards locally with no luck. As an additional step that only I had time for, I added some graphics to the bottom of my board.
Our boards were finally completed the night before our 5 day river SUP on the Winooski River. We estimate that the build time for a student would run 3-4 weeks assuming daily 50 minute periods. CLC's San O's will paddle with the best of the contemporary unlimited class paddleboards, and you can build it from a kit for a fraction of the cost.As long as there have been surfboards, there have been surfboard paddling competitions.
After testing all the boards in the retail shop, we each picked our favorite boards and tried to mimic their shapes. Once we both had a large rectangle, we used our patterns to trace an outline of our board onto the foam. This was basically a giant cheese grater that scraped off the foam one very thin layer at a time. You want to start by cutting the cloth to the desired shape and laying it on top of the board exactly where you want it.
I used up each tub of epoxy then wrapped the cloth around the edges and squeegeed any excess epoxy away from the board.

JJ decided to mimic his board after Riviera’s Voyager because he liked how it paddled and its overall stability. We then used a hand saw to quickly get rid of the large amount of excess foam from around the edges. I made the mistake of thinking the fiberglass would cover up the small imperfections in the foam shape.
After cutting through the fiberglass, we used a chisel to take out just enough of the foam to slide the pieces into the holes. Lifeguards use paddleboards and race them competitively, and in recent years paddleboard designs have evolved specifically for racing and exercise. We bought enough 4oz glass cloth for two boards and the 3-to-1 epoxy resin to hardener set.
I accidentally took too much foam out of the handle space, so I had to add some back in before it was ready for installation. Max Post was helpful with his previous experiences of building his own fiberglass snowboards. We each took measurements of our boards and traced out a pattern on a large piece of cardboard. The less space there is between the foam and the accessory, the easier it will be to install.
They may not be as fast as a professionally made board, but they have a way better story behind them!

We only did half of the pattern so that when we traced it onto the foam, we could just flip the pattern over and in theory our boards would be symmetrical.
With the two of us working together, one person would ready the epoxy while the other glasses their board in order to keep the epoxy and process moving along.
The more time you spend making your board smooth in between layers, the smoother your board will be overall. Keep in mind that this is kid-sized- 4x24x108"- and if you want to make a 12 footer you'll need to buy more foam. Joe Henry, the retail manager at Umiak, let us test paddle all of the boards in the retail store as well as share his knowledge of different board shapes.
In addition to our helpful coworkers we were able to find a ton of articles on how to build a surfboard online.
We should have been more exact with how much we added because my board has several different shades of teal throughout the board, although this is only true with darker colors. Each layer was wrapped all the way around the rails, to add extra strength to the most vulnerable area of the board. With all this information at our fingertips we decided it was doable and it would be a fun learning experience resulting in our own boards.

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