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You need a cardboard drawing board to stick the drawing pin through and you have to make a cardboard washer, it works surprisingly well. Artists with particular needs can inexpensively make and customize their own drawing boards.
2Sand down the edges and top of the board with an oscillating tool fitted with a sanding accessory to remove any splinters and make the drawing surface even smoother.
3Clean the surface of the board with a dry cotton cloth to remove any sawdust from the sanding. 4Attach two 2 inch capacity bulldog clips to the top of the drawing board for holding down paper. My portable magnetic drawing board is made out of foam core board, galvanized flashing, and duct tape! In addition to holding the drawing paper and photos, I use the magnets to hold a protective sheet of paper in place where my hand touches the paper.
Since I hold these drawing boards in my lap, usually resting on one hand, I like to keep them as lightweight as possible. When I tape the flashing to the board, I wrap the duct tape over the edge of the board for a really secure hold.

The edges of the tape and metal won't transfer through to your drawing paper when you draw over them if your paper is thick enough.
One day, when I had more drawings in process than I had drawing boards to keep them on, I raided our fridge again. You don't need a woodworking shop in your home to successfully make an effective drawing board.
Magnetic drawing boards are convenient because they allow you to hold down your papers with magnets (available at craft stores), instead of clips. Each drawing board holds the artwork and reference photos I need to work on it and it makes a portable package that I can just pick up and take with me. The foam core board is easily cut with a matte knife and the galvanized flashing cuts fairly easily with tin snips.
Foam core board makes a stiff yet lightweight base and galvanized flashing is the thinnest metal I've been able to locate. To avoid the possibility of that happening altogether, just cut a stiff piece of Bristol Board to size and put it under the drawing paper.
In addition, making your own allows you to create your drawing surface to your exact specifications, including your preferred size and wood type.

It keeps the drawing paper, masks, scrap paper, and a reference photo in place with magnets so I can draw anywhere and at any angle that I happen to be sitting in. I've found that a twelve inch wide magnetized strip down the middle of any size drawing board is very useful, so I use the that size on all my boards. If you cannot find a board in the exact size you're looking for, most home improvement stores or lumber yards will cut down a larger board to the size you'd like.
Whiteboards come in lots of sizes, they're cheap, and they're just about perfect for giving each drawing a safe working home. Look for the smoothest board you can find; do not buy a board that has major gashes or visible flaws.

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