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29 Apr. 2010

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If wood splits while you are driving a screw, you can often remove the screw and repair the split with glue and clamps.
If the wood is dry, the boards are narrow or you screw too close to the end, however, the displacement of the screw can force fibers apart, creating a less-than-perfect joint and possibly ruining the wood. Drill the hole completely through the wood on the top of the joint and partially through the wood on the bottom, leaving enough material at the end of the hole for the screw to bite into. Even if you drill a pilot hole, the head of the screw may force the wood apart when you drive it into the surface. If the joint will experience stress, repair the split or replace the wood rather than leaving the split as it is.

Here you can see that the new shorter screw sits right in the middle, whereas the previously used, longer screw sits too far in front, further risking a wood split. It's when the screw is screwed in very close to an edge and going with the wood grain that you have this sort of problem. This is an especially important issue in cabinetmaking and interior woodwork when you are working with kiln-dried boards that are fragile. When the boards are held together with glue, there is less chance of their being pulled apart and splitting. Of course on our first try with scrap wood there were no problems whatsoever, so you may not have experienced any problems, but when I went to put pocket holes into all the nice, newly sawed-to-size wood, and then screwed together the first three pieces of the frames and legs, and I split the ends of all three of them.

If you read the manual it suggest coarsely threaded screws for soft wood like the pine we were using and finely threaded screws for more dense hardwoods like mahogany.
This was to create the maximum amount of wood hold-back inside the pocket hole - again ensuring that the screw would not come out too far of the wood.

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