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Working outside is a plus when it comes to ventilation, but an indoor facility with 3 perfectly placed fluorescent lights will show flaws in your shaping so you can catch them early on. It would be wise to create a paper cut out with these exact measurements and place it on the wall in your workspace so you can refer to it often. Mark placement points using a marker at the nose and the tail, at the board's midpoints, then all the way around the board making each consecutive point parallel from the last so the surfboard's cut-out it accurate.
Put on your safety goggles, plug in the jigsaw, and very carefully cut along your points to create you surfboard shaped template.
Allow your board to remain unused for 3 days so surfboard resin can completely set and finish the process.
We are big fans of TED here at Surf Simply; in a digital landscape saturated with informational and motivational videos, the TED talks (from their annual conference in Longbeach, California and now from their independently organised TEDx events) are consistently amongst the best out there. Just before Christmas a talk was uploaded to the TEDx feed featuring British wooden surfboard maker James Otter speaking at the 2014 TEDx Brighton event last October.
James, you build custom wooden surfboards, but you also help people to build their own on week-long courses that you run. The first time I shared the making of a wooden board was with a chap from a few villages away.
Surfers are faced with a real range of material and construction options when shopping for a new surfboard these days. With our wooden surfboards, the first thing we aim to do is make them to last, so they are stronger than a typical surfboard. How do the wooden surfboards that customers build on one of your courses compare to the boards that you build yourself. In your talk you share your experience with Luca, who turned the tables and took you out of your comfort zone in your own workshop. Wood surfboards were something we had heard about, seen once or twice, but knew were things of the past. In 1929, surfing guru and innovator Tom Blake built a board around an internal frame which at the time was called a “cigar box construction.” It was hollow, with a plywood deck and bottom, and had a plug you could take out to let the water out.
I would be remiss if I didn’t include that the undying love shown by our mother through our formative years, when Dad and sons were mixing toxic batches of resin just before dinner, going surfing on Thanksgiving Day morning cause Dad said no one else would be there, and burning out the dryer because we needed to heat up our wetsuits, was an essential contributor to our success and survival.

The easiest way to do this is to trace a pre-existing surfboard and, if necessary, adjust according to your specified measurements. Make sure the stringer (the wooden strip that stretches the length of the board through the middle) is perfectly lined up to the plywood's ends.
You can get countless different shapes, weights, lengths, and densities as well as your choice of foam or wood.
Smooth out the surfboard resin against the base of the fins so the cloth keeps it in place. If this happens, use a small amount of surfboard resin and fiberglass cloth to fix the damage, then re-sand to smooth blemishes.
There is a lot of hardware involved in building a surfboard, so be sure you have the funds to do so. What was interesting was that James didn’t talk about why he chose to start building surfboards out of wood or put forward a case for the environmental benefits of alternative materials in surfboard construction – the obvious direction that you might expect such a talk to take. He was into making things out of wood and really fancied having a go at it so, whilst I was a little apprehensive, I soon learned that the joy I got out of sharing the excitement of making your own surfboard far outweighed anything else. The necessary knowledge and machinery to get everything prepared and having a process that we are confident will produce great surfboards in turn gives people the confidence to get making and makes the process much more accessible. There used to be a division between longboarders and shortboarders, but now the majority of people have become much more open minded, where they will ride any kind of surfboard.
By sharing the experience of making our surfboards with our customers that’s exactly what they are able to do. As a result of how we make them, they tend to finish about 30% heavier than a traditionally made polyurethane board. I wanted to find a way of making long lasting surfboards with the least environmental impact and this remains at the core of everything that we do and we are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the world around us more and more. But, each board is personal to each individual so we are happy to try anything out as and when people ask about it. The parents’ garage was a beehive of activity in the summer as my brothers and I fixed friends’ boards and were lucky enough to have a father who was able, and not only that, enjoyed, helping us learn the art of repairing, shaping, and glassing surfboards. On the other hand, the reward of your completely individual surfboard created to your specifications is well worth the hard work.

Using a thick pencil, trace the shape of the surfboard template onto the blank from nose to tail. Pour over the surfboard, fin side up, spreading with the wide paintbrush until entire area (including fins) has been covered. He chose instead to discuss why he began sharing his knowledge with customers and helping them to build their own wooden surfboards, and how this process has ultimately proved just as personally rewarding to him as the act of crafting the surfboards himself. Surfboards of different shapes, sizes and materials are now the norm in a lineup, which our wooden surfboards fit into nicely as an “alternative” surf craft.
At first this seemed like it was undesirable, but we then developed shapes with this in mind, leaning towards the outlines of the single fins and twin fins that are all about glide and momentum, which is allowing us to see the real potential of making boards the way we do.
However, I have found that the best way to ensure that the workshoppers surfboards are as good as they can be is to limit our class numbers so that anybody with any amount of experience in woodworking can come along and have full confidence that the board they end up with will be beautiful, strong and well crafted. I do think it was unfair to make me chip off the resin from the garage floor with a hammer and cold chisel before I left for college, as I’m sure it was mostly my brothers’ fault, but hey, parents aren’t perfect. Swipe any drips with paintbrush until the dripping subsides, then allow the surfboard resin to cure for 3 hours. We are finding that these shapes actually suit a huge majority of surfers too, who need surfboards that will allow them to catch lots of waves and enjoy riding them whatever the waves are doing. These were solid surfboards made of redwood stop sign posts that had been “mysteriously” broken.
So if you want to branch out a bit from traditional woodworking methods and finishing techniques, try one of these kits and get to know your inner fiberglassing self. The style of surfing when you’re riding single fins and twin fins also has to be much smoother as you work with the board and wave to make the most of any situation, which is helping to improve people’s surfing too. It’s a whole new world of resin, catalyst, and acetone that will only broaden your already wide world of wood. Leave any excess cloth (it will eventually be covered), but make sure to squeegee away any excess drips.

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