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13 Jan. 2000

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Turning a 10" or 12" bowl from a reasonable well balanced bowl blank goes well, however, when turning a large out-of-balance bowl blank the lathe vibrates, actually, more of a twisting action of the main post. The lathe works even better that my expectations, it's bolted to the floor and is very solid. After several months using the lathe and always looking for the wrench when I need to adjust the banjo ("now where is that wrench, must be somewhere under this two or three inches of wood shavings") I decided to upgrade the banjo.
It may look strange for the handle to be on the backside but it works well this way, I grasp the handle with my right hand and the tool rest post with my left hand and move the banjo where needed.
I have been going back and forth as to whether or not to use an electric motor for this lathe. I have a motor from a vacuum that I am going to try to convert into a lathe using a dimmer switch as the speed control and a belt (fan belt) housed in box (for safety).
Wood turners are tool "junkies." There is the dream that given the perfect tool we will make the prefect cut.

Some time ago the lack of cash and need for a bowl gouge reminded me of an article I had read in American Woodturner Magazine about Knud Oland. I also considered that an articulated hollowing tool would let me reach some otherwise awkward places. I have already replaced this bolt with a new bolt with a handle in the bolt head, this makes it much faster to adjust the tool rest. Bill Jones, the third generation English turner, is a strong advocate of the tool especially in small spindle turnings. This excellent turner had designed a tool for general faceplate turning that could be easily made in the home shop and encouraged others to do so. While the normal set of hollowing tools works for smaller forms, I like to use a set with an arm brace for larger ones.
Of course that implies that we also need 20 years of practice with that perfect tool, just like Gee Whiz has, but that will not stop us from getting the tool.

Knowing that some people like to carve on turnings or would like to start, I took photos of the process. To make most tools you need to be able to turn a handle, drill a hole, cut a piece of steel, tap the hole in the steel, and put it all together. After I had come up with this idea, I saw a virtually identical arm brace in a GMC publication on tips for wood turners.

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