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18 Mar. 2014

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This is the front side because it is all on one plane so that the plastic skin will lay flat on it. Cut the plastic out of the door opening - leave enough to fold double before stapling it to the frame. At this point it takes about 2 minutes to install the pvc pipes for the intermediate ribs - and the polytunnel takes shape. So I extended them with some scraps of PVC conduit that I had – I never throw anything away.
This 2" PVC ridge on TOP of the frame keeps the plastic from sagging in snow or hard rain and prevents the structure from collapsing. Now roll the 2×2 under one complete turn so that the edge you stapled is facing up under the top layer of plastic sheet. I should have painted the PVC pipes with latex paint before applying the plastic sheeting – apparently this makes the poly sheet last longer, and maybe makes the frame pipes more resistant to UV. Another PVC greenhouse – quite similar to mine but with a few differences that are very worth looking at. Most pre-built greenhouse you buy need to be assembled anyway, you’re really just paying hugely inflated prices for the material. This is a great idea, however as mentioned in the article even with UV resistant poly film (visqueen) with a 4 year warranty you will only get about 1 years use before the PVC(polyvinyl chloride) degrades the plastic. I had a similar greenhouse some years ago that cost more then than to build this – even purchasing all of the materials. And don’t forget that you’ll certainly need water and possibly electricity,so plan accordingly. I looked around online to find the greenhouse that made the most sense to me as a handyman and woodworker, and for which I could spend the least amount of money.
Another note to encourage you: Vicki and I worked together to get the frame base square and assembled, and to cover the PVC frame with its plastic sheeting. Lay out the PVC pieces as they will be assembled, then carefully glue and fit them together.

The first one, in an attempt to save some cash, was buying what our local Lowe’s sells as greenhouse plastic. Now, halfway through the first winter after its first summer, our greenhouse is stripped to the bones, a PVC skeleton. When the weather begins to warm, we’ll put it in place and attach it using plastic clamps made specifically for the job. Secondly, to eliminate wear and tear on the plastic, I covered edges of the wooden ends with copper pipe insulation. Dave on the second version you used wood on the ends, but did you use pvc on the ends also or just wood.
BTW, the gray PVC conduit is sunlight resistant unlike the white – although somewhat more expensive and is less expensive!
One of my goals in building this polytunnel is to have something fresh coming out of the garden or greenhouse all year long.
Except it would be a bit more expensive, was wondering perhaps about not piercing holes through the PVC to secure the structure and instead use straps of some sort. PVC has a chemical reaction with the UV inhibitors in commercial greenhouse poly film so some form of protective barrier would have to be used to lengthen the life span of any poly film covering. You add much to the stability by tying together 2 water-filled plastic bottles and putting them over the tent – eliminates wind induced problems.
It should go without saying that you want a piece of solid ground that’s relatively level and at least as large as the greenhouse base. After just one summer, and as soon as the air got chilly, our plastic became so brittle that it split under the slightest pressure.
I recently did what I should have done in the first place and ordered strong UV resistant plastic made specifically for greenhouses through an online source that specializes in this stuff. We’ll seal the bottom with tack strips instead of staples, and I plan to devise a misting system from PVC to keep our plants watered.
It’s a twenty by twelve foot hoop-style greenhouse with wooden ends and is covered with 11 mil woven poly.

If you want to build a greenhouse like this one, check out my previous post that gives step by step instructions for building this same greenhouse. I always remember packing up our PVC flag pole in the truck so that we could display our patriotism for everyone to see.
My only hope for a green house now is when it goes on sale , i’m ok to spend $150 for a ready to do greenhouse, and will ask my son to do the assembling and building for me. Simply because if you re-rigged it a bit, you might be able to use the PVC as a watering system. This greenhouse has some pretty cool features that I really appreciate, and I think you will too. The front is all finished now,complete with plastic wrapping (bought myself a cheap staple gun set at bunnings in Launceston for 22.50 Aus currency). Just some very tiny holes in it and keep the PVC all connected to make it self watering in a way (if you got a timer). Orient the greenhouse so it sits lengthwise east to west (or for that matter, west to east). The plans suggest using staples to attach the plastic sheeting to the frame, but we found they tend to rip right through the plastic.
I was just looking at your side structure now and will certainly implement some of that to complete making the greenhouse a lot stronger sturdier job. The one thing differant is i put 2 layers of plastic and used a blower off a electric dryer betweem the two . The hail broke windows, shredded siding, and striped everything off of his saskatoon and raspberry bushes – but his greenhouse covered with this same woven poly was completely undamaged!

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