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03 Sep. 2014

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Biscuit joints are a method for gluing boards together along their edges to create a wider slab or plank without screwing or splicing them. Spread a small amount of glue along the edge of the board you are mating to the one you have inserted the biscuits into. Be sure to have the fence of the biscuit joiner flat to ensure proper fitting of the two joining pieces.
Plate jointers have a high speed wood cutting blade which is concealed except during use, so keep fingers away from the cutting head when in use.
It will never match the beauty of a dovetail or the strength of a mortise-and-tenon, but for speed, accuracy, and ease of use, it’s hard to beat the biscuit joint.
Biscuit joints can be used on all wood products: solid wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard. The biscuit joiner has just four main parts: a motor, a blade that cuts the slot, an adjustable fence that aligns some types of cut, and a base that houses the blade and also can align cuts. An adjustable stop on the joiner controls the depth of cut to match each of the common biscuit sizes—0, 10, and 20.

This technique is used for making tabletops, furniture, and cabinets, and although it requires special tools, it is within the reach of most hobby woodworkers in a home woodshop. Generally, the distance between biscuits will determine how strong the finished plank will be, and thinner lumber will hold better if the spacing is kept to a minimum. For single row biscuits, you will want to place the joints at the center of the board's edge, for double rows, cut each row at one third of the boards thickness.
I mark the desired locations of biscuits on the long leg of the square, and cut a saw kerf at each mark. For this reason, they are great for cabinetry, which typically involves a mix of solid wood and sheet goods. Then, after adding glue to each slot, insert a thin, football-shaped biscuit into one slot. Made from beechwood or white birch that has been thoroughly dried, biscuits are compressed by machine to a standard thickness. So when you insert a biscuit into a glue-lined slot, the biscuit expands, creating a snug fit and a tight joint.

One inch nominal lumber joins fairly well at a twelve inch biscuit spacing, two inch lumber can be cut at sixteen to eighteen inches on center with good results. Align the center-registration mark on the biscuit joiner with the biscuit centerline mark made in Step 1. Add glue to the biscuit and insert it into one of the slots, then attach the other piece and clamp them together. The only thing you can do then is let the glue dry, saw away the protruding part of the biscuit, and re-cut the slot.

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