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03 Oct. 1975

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In our culture of residential privacy it is indeed the shop front, largely glazed and illuminated, which by convention invites the gaze of the passers by on city sidewalks. Some answers to these questions can be obtained when exploring various building contexts and types of activity, and correlating them to the treatment, and degree of transparency, of the shop front.
The basic social experience of the glazed shop front is its public nature: its opening to the public realm is the only accepted sociable extension of interior life into the public realm, besides the residential balcony as seen previously. Differences in glazed shop front treatment can occur in spite of similar architectural basis as in False twins, or if the architecture and marketing are different as in Context and ambiance and in Context and image.
The architectural symmetry of the facade belies the different nature of the shop occupants (clothes shop on the right and restaurant on the left), hence the differently treated glazed front and adjoining areas. In the case of the clothes shop (see below) the space behind the totally transparent glazed shop front is treated as a stage set for a dreamy montage of the clothes and accessories, visually separated from the shop interior. The first, shown below, has its glazed shop front covered in part with advertising posters and with sample gift packages, and seems to invite a utilitarian hit and run visit.
The second, shown below, has a glazed shop front that could be one of a cupboard, with expensive and exotic crockery inside it.
In spite of the two different architectural, structural and facade treatments the bank, shown above, and the police station, shown below, have quasi-identical treatment of their “shop front”.

At the basis of the social experience of the glazed shop front located on a street is the particular set of bodily centred spatial-social experiences they provide, as one moves among others to get to them, and as one also needs to place oneself strategically and interact with others upon slowing down, stopping and entering … as well as when one is inside the shop or coming out. Our spatial perception is thus organized in terms of background wholes that provide a sense of unity and predictability, and foreground moving details that call for our immediate attention such as crossing a street to get to these colourful shop fronts or when walking in crowd while keeping an eye on the content of shop fronts. When “design-for-ease” takes command, as shown above, the principle of unity and variety can organize a whole section of a main street, with shops at street level and housing above, socially informing and enriching our visual field and behavioural palette, and readying us for action in a sociable manner. The transparent shop front of the hair dressing salon, as shown above, allows one to read pertinent information about the services available without getting too close to the window, for discretion reasons. Of course one may be excused for wondering what has happened to these glazed shop front mediated concerns with sociability, with the example below!
Effectively, if not physically, the thin transparent boundary between interior housed merchandise and services, and exterior public space, seems to have been wilfully erased as the storeowner has extended a “3D invitation” to the passerby, by hanging merchandise directly on the glazed shop front! Our feature image clearly indicates that only a shop under renovation, or vacant, will usually have a blind shop front that will not even merit a cursory look on the part of the passer by. One is catering to a student and nursing staff clientele while the other caters to businesspersons that can identify with the interior decoration of the shop.
The displaying of books starts at the shop front treated as display windows that hide the view of the interior, reserved for the cognoscenti who will cross the signature wood panelled door.

Its shop front is transparent and luminous enough to get the message as to where to go to shop: up the grand staircase, or escalator. The toyshop, as shown below, has covered the entire shop front window with merchandise bearing shelves inviting closer perusal without such concern for privacy to the clientele being served inside.
Wooden shopfronts are constructed from a durable Hardwood and are then finished in paint or stained in varnish coupled with laminated glazing.
The glazed shop front will be plastered with billboards on the occasion of sales … or employees strikes! To complete the traditional appearance, all of our Timber shopfronts are handpainted after installation with one or more colours available from the British Standard BS4800 colour range. We use aluminium shop front systems for various locations, wherher they may be retail outlets, shopping malls, office partitions or schools. The brick-bond pucnhing in the lathes allows to showcase your merchandise, and the polycarbonate inserts protect your shop front and windows.

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