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26 Jul. 2012

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Bird Feeder Plans & Materials Discover where to find quality bird feeder plans, bird feeders, and birdhouses of all kinds. If it is bird feeder plans info or having to do with bird feeders — You are on the right website! Most bluebird watchers know that the principal reason that they feed bluebirds is for the pure enjoyment of watching such beautiful creatures. There are several ways to attract bluebirds to feeders and the best way to succeed is to offer them meal worms on a tray style or specialty feeder. While you will want feeder placement to be in the best spot for you to view, this may not be the perfect spot for the bluebirds. Sometimes it takes laying food on a tray near to the bluebird feeder before the bluebirds learn to use the bluebird feeder. Bluebirds are very attracted to bird baths, particularly if the water is moving, and makes splashing noises that they can hear at a distance. Quick tip: To deter House Sparrows from feeders, put up a magic halo equipped with hanging, weighted hobby wires. Click on drawing above for a larger version of an experimental wire arrangement to repel HOSP from a platform feeder. Platform Feeders: Jon and Kathy Hayden are having good success with repelling HOSP from a platform feeder using a zig-zag copper wire over the platform. Sources of Magic Halo: I can't find any sources right now - it's possible Bird-X stopped manufacturing them. ATTACHING TO TUBE FEEDER: The magic halo was originally designed to attach to a flat top or regular feeder with a roof, but it can be attached to a tube feeder.
Someone who purchased one recently said they now include a loop on the bottom of the halo for hanging feeders.

Mylar strips (sold as Bird Scare Tape) are used on the very effective Sparrow Spookers you should use on nestboxes, but I don't recommend them on feeders, as they will probably scare off multiple species of desirable birds. Invite these lovely friends into a habitat by offering meal worms, crumbles or suets they love on a feeder made just for them!
Whether it's a birdhouse, meal worms, or water that draws blue birds to your garden, the benefit of viewing these birds up close is part of what makes bird watching so much fun. The crucial time period for birds is from February into April, though earlier or late snows or freezes can be destructive. Bluebirds prefer meal worms, and if they are given in such a feeder, they are likely to be taken. Since bluebirds sometimes need to learn to feed from a bluebird feeder it is advised that in order to encourage them to start taking food, have a platform underneath or near the entrance hole so that food may be placed on the platform while the bluebird is figuring out how to go inside the feeder to eat. Specialty bluebird feeders are designed so that larger species and feeder hogs can not access the food, or at least make it more difficult. At that time of year there may be ample food, but when covered with snow or ice the birds may not be able to get to it.
Place two, three or more temporary flat, open trays on posts near their frequent hunt perch sites. DO NOT use fishing line on the halo (it can wrap around incoming birds.) Also avoid feeding cheap seed mixes with millet and cracked corn. Smaller birds such as chickadees - or anything smaller than a bluebird - can get inside these feeders. To observe this for yourself, lay a shallow glass or plastic dish containing meal worms close to a bluebird's preferred perch.
Place the feeder in an open area within the bluebirds view from one of their favored perches - a place that that they frequently perch at or visit to forage and hunt their food is always the best location since they can view it easily.

Simply Bamboo Extra Large Square Espresso Serving Tray Is Elegant And Eco-friendlyAs its name suggests, Simply Bamboo Extra Large Square Espresso Serving Tray is an eco-friendly piece of kitchen accessory. To help attract bluebirds to your yard, consider planting berry bearing trees and shrubs, adding bluebird feeders and providing them with a bird bath.
Once the food is detected and the birds begin eating from this location, you can move it gradually to a more desired area if you wish. The tray is made from eco-friendly and durable material like clear grain cedar, stainless steel screws, heavy galvanized mesh for drainage purposes and a galvanized steel frame. Any bird that is the same size as a bluebird or smaller can possibly fit in the feeder but larger birds may not. Feeders serving meal worms, suet or berries such as currants or raisins often attract bluebirds. Do not the feeder close to bluebird or other bird houses or bathing areas, but far enough away to not be in a high traffic or active area. With this cute and stylish bird feeders, you can show your love to your pet birds and of course to the environment as well. They are designed to help discourage birds such as starlings and territorial mockingbirds from dominating and eating all of the bluebirds food. As well insects, these birds eat berries and fruits off of small trees and shrubs so you may want to try placing dried fruit, shelled peanuts, suet nuggets in your bluebird feeder or on a small tray.
If you find that wrens, sparrows or other birds are contending for bluebird food adding an additional feeder is advised.

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