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15 Jan. 1987

Hand saw for ripping wood,woodworking plans wood toy patterns,minwax wood finish drying time - Within Minutes

I have a few old Rip saws I’ve acquired through yard sales and flea markets as well as a new Pax from England. The plans for these will be in my book so I better not put them here…my editor may whack me across the knuckles with a yard stick!
Thanks for the link, I had found the plans for the frame saw, but Bob Easton's post has way more information. I cover re-sawing in my new book, The Unplugged Woodshop- Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop.
I barely touch the Pax except for soft, green wood outside of my shop…kind of the weekend work, helping out the brother-in-law build a fence or deck stuff. I clearly remember thinking back when I was first considering a shop with no power tools and the idea of ripping all of the wood for a piece of furniture scared the hell out of me! Try ripping along the workbench too, this is my preferred method but again to each his own…what ever feels comfortable is always the best way to go.
I am slowly working up the courage to do all my woodworking by hand but one thing is stopping me, how to resaw thick planks.

It is especially adapted to shops without steam or water power, and will, as nearly as possible, take the place of a steam rip saw in quantity and quality of work.
They prove very profitable also, in edging-up lumber with wane or bark edges; also for taking out heartwood of wide boards, thus raising the grade and market value of lumber otherwise sold for "culls". The particular saw in question is the one pictured above; the medallion says Corporate Mark Kangaroo and the plate has Rob Sorby Sheffield punched into it. Between these two that usually takes care of my ripping needs but I’m very interested in the new Lie Nielsen panel saws. Awhile back I used handsaws extensively in timberframing and was amazed at how good I got with them, but in my cabinet shop they don't get that much use, except for dovetailing. My next project (between a hanging tool cabinet and my wife's chest of drawers) is a frame saw for resawing. Unlike the hand saw, the work is as true and square as that done by steam or water power saws, and is as easily dressed with the plane. By changing the feed to correspond with thickness or hardness of the lumber, hickory, maple, ash, oak, walnut or cherry can be sawed with ease, the speed varying from 150 to 600 feet per hour.

These are not rates given that a man can only follow for a few minutes, but actual day work rates that a man can follow from day to day. Taking into consideration the greater amount that can be sawed and the smoothness and trueness of the work, a saving of from 3 to 8 dollars per day can be made above the hand saw with this machine.
For small stock I usually just fore go the saw bench and use my tail vise for most of my rip cuts.
Basically they’re saw horses that are the same overall dimension as the end profile of my work bench.
I’ll use these from time to time when ripping the edge of real large work but this is pretty rare in my shop.

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