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26 Jun. 2003

Hand planer vs power planer,dining room set plans,used woodturning tools uk - Try Out

Modern power planers are equipped to plane and do many of the same tasks as a shop jointer, but with added portability outside your workshop.
Some newer power planers, like this one from Porter-Cable, feature a switch that allows you to change the direction that chips and dust blow out. One thing to consider is the size, number, and shape of the chamfering notches on the planer's cutterheads, as each do different types of cut and different planers have different heads. Power planers use a spinning cutterhead nearly identical to that on your jointer, with the blade positioned to cut in the direction opposite that of the workpiece feed.
Bring the planer up to full speed and keep it held down through the whole cut, especially on long cuts like doors, using a fence will help keep the cut lines even.
Adjusting the depth-of-cut on a power planer is accomplished in different ways, but each does the same thing: raises or lowers the front shoe.
Speaking of prices, expect to pay $70 to $80 for models on the low power end and $90 to $160 for beefier models, with some more powerful and feature-rich machines going for more.
Some planers, like this one from Festool, come with the ability to turn it on its back and convert the unit into a jointer. Because planers are really upside-down jointers, it should come as no surprise they can handle a few of the same tasks, such as rabbeting. Some planers, like this Festool, feature blades that you can change out quickly for different jobs like cutting different variations of moldings.

Consider comfort when choosing your planers, most (like the DeWalt on the left) use the front knob as the handle, though some have the dial as a separate piece (like the Ryobi in the middle) or, as in the Festool on the right, a twist grip handle. The cutterhead blades on a power planer is not all that different than the blades you will see on a jointer, and they serve similar purposes. This Rockwell planer has an extremely well marked dust port that is easily changed for more dust control options. Many modern planers come equipped with kickstands, to keep the blades off the surface between cuts.
Some planers offer storage for your smaller adjustment tools that you might need to make alterations to your planer while it's in use, so they are easier to find. The planer stand is a good piece of safety equipment to keep the blade clear form contact while you're working, and is spring loaded for easy setting.
Always allow the cutter to come up to speed before cutting, and always engage the workpiece smoothly with both hands on the machine; never use a power planer onehanded. On a jointer, the stock is fed in and the cutterhead cuts toward you; with a planer, you feed the tool into the stock and the cutterhead cuts away from you.
Turn the machine on and, when it comes up to full speed, lower the planer so the front shoe is flat on the workpiece and move it forward in one smooth motion. Used with a fence, a planer will give you a perfect 90-degree edge; if the door requires a slight bevel for a perfect fit, you can do that freehand or with an adjustable fence.

Planer fences are designed so they can be set anywhere over the shoe, just as a jointer fence can go anywhere over the tables. For most indoor woodworkers who need a power planer only occasionally, a 5- or 6-amp machine is a good target. Note that Festool planers have a metric depth scale, which may require some on-the-fly calculating.
Outside of terminology, the only real difference is the orientation and the fact that these are handheld; otherwise, they work the same. The corresponding portion on a planer, called the front or adjustable shoe, is raised or lowered to control cutting depth while the rear shoe is fixed. If you have plans to construct a large deck, garage or home addition, consider a heftier machine. A few passes with a power planer and frequent checking with your straightedge can give you a flat surface for installation in no time at all. As with most tools, upping the power further results in a corresponding bump in both weight and price.

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