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When you retreat to your safe room, you have one goal: to end any possibility of interaction with an unwelcome person. We’ve often talked about the importance of having a plan (as well as a few back-up plans) and running practice drills. Map out as many different ways as possible to get to the safe room from various locations in the house. Of course, the success of moving quickly to your safe room rests upon being alerted that someone is in your home.
If you are building a new home from the ground up, you have the unique opportunity to have this special room added to the plans. Most of us aren’t in that building process though, so we need to adapt part of our living space to make a safe room. Of course, finding all of these things, sitting there in one room, waiting for you to reinforce the door may not be likely so you have to work with what you’ve got. It is of vital importance to locate the safe room in a place that can be quicky and easily accessed by family members.

One important thing to remember is that your safe room doesn’t have to only be a safe room. The biggest threat with a window, of course, is that the glass will easily break, allowing someone to either get in the room or shoot people who are in the room. Armored steel panels: One of the best ways to convert an existing room into a ballistic haven is by adding armored steel panels to the walls. The success of a camouflaged safe room rests on the residents of the home quickly moving into hiding without the intruders even knowing that they are home. You may not have had time to call 911 or your well-armed neighbor before sheltering in your safe room.
Cell phone: Make sure you have an additional charger for your cellphone that stays in the safe room. Water: Even if you have an attached bathroom with running water, store at least one gallon per person that is likely to be in the room,. Aside from your primary defense weapon (which you’re probably carrying with you), all of your other weapons should be stored in your safe room.
If you have to run past the entry through which intruders just burst, you probably aren’t going to make it to the safe room. If you are using a room that is also used for other purposes (like a master bedroom) you probably have them. This is the best case scenario for an event during which you need to retreat to a safe room. If a family member was injured on the way to the room, you want to be able to provide some care for them.
It means you are ready for a variety of scenarios and that the safety of your family is paramount.

In fact, there are companies whose sole purpose is designing safe rooms for homes and businesses. Remember, the most ideal safe room situation is one in which the criminal has no idea that you were home or, if he knows you’re home, has no idea where you may have gone. In a basement room, a sand-packed wall in between the exterior of the room and interior drywall can provide substantial protection at a lower price. It’s best to choose a room that is already as sturdy as possible and then reinforce the weak points. Depending on the materials used in the construction of your room, this could be successful. This plan will be different for every family based on individual skills, on available weapons, and on the set-up of your safe room. If you have several people in your household, you might want to put a keypad access on the door to the safe room so that whoever has retreated first is safely locked in without worrying about admitting the other family members. That’s why one of the most important rules of gun safety is to not only know your target, but what is beyond your target.
Not only will you stock your safe room with food, but keep extra medication for any family members with special needs. Even the most humble home or apartment can have on a place to which vulnerable family members can retreat if they are under threat. Therefore, the wall between your apartment and the next could be made of cement, providing one wall of safety.

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