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21 Feb. 1986

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This sermon examines what the book of Judges as a whole and what chapters 1-2 specifically reveal and can teach us about this 300-400 year period of time between Joshua and Samuel in the history of the children of Israel. God has provided for every Christ-follower some spiritual armor that we must put on as we battle against the enemy of our Godly potential. The apostle Paul, one of the greatest Christ-followers of all time, fought the battle within himself.
The Hebrews writer gives us a biblical plan for how to keep on keeping on when we feel like giving up.

67 years ago, the Battle of Kursk, involving some 6,000 tanks, two million men, and 5,000 aircraft, ends with the German offensive repulsed by the Soviets at heavy cost.
The High Command concentrated all their new armor, the Tiger and Panther tanks, and the mighty new Elefant tank destroyers, which had front armor thicker than a battleship's armor. They also concentrated all available air units and artillery, and despite the problems of the German plan it was a formidable concentrated mobile armor force with great offensive potential.
The Soviets by this time were substantially outproducing the German Army in tanks and other armour.

In the beginning of August, the Soviets began a major offensive around the Kursk salient, and within a few weeks the Germans were in retreat all along the eastern front.
It remains the largest armored engagement of all time, and included the most costly single day of aerial warfare in history.

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