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13 Sep. 2009

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Here you will find information on the history of ANRI wood carvings as well as the prominent ANRI wood carving artists that have created fine quality wood sculptures for 100 years.
If you have questions regarding your personal ANRI collection or item, please post them (with a picture if possible) to our new Facebook page: ANRI Wood Carvings.
Hello Ann, I’m not sure how they came up with the name but the Toriart pieces were made of a composite material rather than 1 sculpted piece of wood.
Yesterday I began a clockwise tour of the Germany Pavilion and ended with the Kunstarbeit in Kristall shop located at the back of the platz. During the initial construction of EPCOT Center, a portion of the attraction structure was built behind the Germany Pavilion to house the Rhine Cruise. The big attraction in the Germany Pavilion is the Biergarten Restaurant where Oktoberfest is celebrated twelve months a year.
After reading the UK and the Germany blogs, we now realize that we need to slow down and actually look at what is around us. So far I've written about the American Adventure, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Living in The Netherlands, near te German border we're familiar with the German culture and architecture. That's why we always skip the Germany Pavillion, because we have the real deal close to home.

I had a moment at the Germany pavilion (along with a cold beer) where we decided to rest and my family “stopped to smell the roses.” We were sitting outside Teddybar Toy Shop after purchasing my daughter a Rapunzel doll. One of the funniest memories I have of the Germany pavillion was when I was there during Christmas and the miniature villiage was decorated for Christmas as well.
I also found out that with the beer flowing freely in Germany that you can not have any alcoholic beverages in your hand if you plan on getting your picture taken with a character.
Loved the second part, the resemblance of the Historisches Kaufhaus in Freiburg is astonishing! I second that you should write a book about World Showcase--you've done so much research and given us such great history! Popular guro author Go Waita created almost 230 stories during his 40 year career, most of which featured his most renowned created, the Suited Demon; a tall, slim man in a dark suit who would kidnap, rape, and murder young girls in the woods. This would indicate that they aren’t made from wood but from Sculptulite which was a like a resin that ANRI used around that time. We were in Disney in Sept and enjoyed a quiet drink and apple studel in Germany but I still didn't appreciate all that is there after reading your blog. You often show pictures of structures, along with historical information from those country's, that inspire Immagineers to duplicate that in the World Showcase. Hieroglyphic carvings representing the Thief were found in the pharaoh's tomb, who was rumored to have had some kind of encounter with the entity.

Whilst Freckenberg was well-known for his realistic depiction of human anatomy - something that was unusual among woodcuts of the time - these pictures featured a skeletal, multi-limbed character.
Can you provide a little history on the piece like when it was first put out because the box looks older. DId you enjoy history in school because you have such fascinating detail that brings so much more to each nation you review.
Adidas indeed is a German company, the name stands for it's founder Adolf (short Adi) Dassler - AdiDas!
The carvings resemble a strange figure with multiple upper limbs, one that has never been found in any other hieroglyph language. Historians are unsure of the exact symbolic nature of the character, with some claiming that it is a personification of the religious wars that raged in Europe at the time, while others say it represents the mysterious plagues that have been believed to be the reason for the mysterious abandoning of the Hastlberg Castle and the nearby village in 1543. And heres a little bit of trivia:dont be fooled by the name, the cookie had nothing to do with german chocolate.
I do not wish to sell it at this time but I would like to know as much information about its history, craftsman, and the set that it is, I would also like to know if the box that the board rest on was from Anri as well or something that another wood craftsman made.

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