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If you wonder how to make a trellis, here is a simple yet effective type of a solution for you.
With cattle panel’s electric fence stakes and twist ties, you can have a lovely garden trellis in your backyard. July 18, 2013 By AngEngland 1 Comment These vertical vegetable garden ideas will help you get started with your vertical garden design ideas. Vertical Spice Rack Garden Vertical Spice Rack Garden DIY I love this simple remodel by A Suburban Farmer of a hanging spice rack into a vertical vegetable garden perfect for small greens and herbs. Trellis Plan for Vertical Gardening With Tomatoes Tomato Trellis Plan – Vertical Garden DIY Speaking of tomatoes, this large garden trellis plan is perfect for anyone with just a tad more space who still wants the benefits of vertical vegetable gardening. A-Frame Sandwich Board Trellis Plan I love this simple sandwich-board style trellis which is easy to grow and easy for rambling plants to grow up because it’s not completely vertical but at an angle. Vertical Herb Garden DIY These stacked gardening containers are a simple way to create your own vertical gardening structure.
I like the tomato trellis — it would be an easy way to add some privacy to my home’s patio!

I originally posted these photos of my rustic pea trellis last year but I thought I would share them with those of you who might have missed it and are looking for an inexpensive way to trellis you peas {or beans} this spring.
We were able to re-purpose them and create a rustic pea trellis instead of just letting them decompose. To make a rustic trellis, simply lay the branches down in a grid like pattern, and tie the sticks together at each crossing {I tied triple knots}. I made similar pea trellises last year but used zip ties instead of twine because that’s what I had on hand. Katherine Anne is a dynamic and competent writer,she writes on different subjects such as gardening, homesteading and livestock. You need to make a wire lattice within the lumber structure and fix it in space that you have in your garden space.
Once you have the basic frame, you can attach the netting along with it and form the perfect trellis. If you’re wondering how to build a trellis or how to set up your vertical vegetable garden, see these awesome DIYs.

A classic vertical garden icon, the vegetable teepee is perfect for squash, peas, and pole beans.
See how this trellis was built and how the tomatoes are growing vertically like rock stars! Plus this separates the roots of the two sides enough to grow plants on each side (unlike growing on a fence row or straight trellis). When you put together your stacked herb garden you can place these pots wherever you need them – on a patio, balcony, or near the mailbox for curb appeal.
Later, with garden twine, draw lines in both the rims so that it forms a support structure. See Chris McLaughlin’s post on Homegrown and Handmade for more vertical vegetable gardening ideas.

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