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Building a pergola will increase the living area of any home and can provide a valuable entertaining area. The set out of your pergola is the same for a flat roof pergola as it is for a gable or pitched roof pergola. Freestanding: If you are building a freestanding pergola mark the outside of the pergola using the method above making sure that the pergola is marked out square. If you are fixing to a house you must fix through the fascia, roof stirrups, or directly to the wall of the house. If you are fixing directly to the house make sure you bolt your pergola timbers into the brick work using masonry bolts or if you are fixing to a weatherboard house make sure you are bolting into the timber wall studs or house frame and not just into the weatherboard. You must use pergola span table to give you the correct angles and cut outs in your timber and these will vary depending on the size of your pergola frame. Your bearers connect to your posts or house and this makes up the outside structure of the pergola.
Pergola Rafters: These timbers hold the main weight of the roof and transfer the load to the bearers. Pergola chords: These timbers link one side of the gable to the other and stop the gable from centre collapse.
Battens: These are fixed to the rafters and the roofing material is fixed directly to them.
Now with your one rafter that you have already cut check to see if you are correct by installing in place without fixings.
Remove all temporary supports and check over your pergola, making sure it is strong and sound. Freestanding pergolas are built in the same way as a pergola that is connected to a house with some additional support. Install the four side bearers of your freestanding pergola and bolt into place with galvanised or stainless steel bolts. This is where a freestanding pergola will differ from an attached pergola because there is nothing to stop the swaying motion of the wind you must create it. Run your rafters as per your pergola span tables ether on top of the bearers or inside the bearers.

Whether you are building a flat roof or a gable roof freestanding pergola install your battens and nail them off. A free standing pergola is probably the most widely appreciated and chosen outdoor structure type that can make the surroundings appear more elegant and sleek. Obtaining a cheap pergola will not only add functionality and architectural elegance to your garden, but also save your wallet! If your pergola will be connected to the house then you must square it to the house and fix it to the house through the fascia, roof stirrups or directly to a wall. The best and easiest way to do this is to build the pergola bearers or outer timbers on props and then add the posts into the correct position.
For example: If your house roof has a 30 degree pitch then it looks the best to match this to your pergola. When I build a pergola I install the chords at every second rafter and half way up the rafter. Freestanding pergolas are completely self supporting with the entire load transferring to the post and then to the concrete footings.
At the end of step two you should have all posts in place and bearers bolted into position. Using pergola span table select the appropriate size of corner bracing for the size of freestanding pergola and the wind rating of your area. Then check your one rafter against the pergola sit it on the bearer and the top on the centre board.
Initially being intended for providing support for growing plants, today’s free standing pergola appears bare and naked standing alone with no flowers or plants serving as barely an exterior design. Nowadays, a highly durable and at the same time beautifully structured pergolas cost not so low! While both types of pergola are fairly simple of build a gable or pitched roof pergola can be tricky to build. Measure out the size of the pergola you want in the location you wish to build it and mark the corners.
After the paint has dried, install your choice of roofing material adding the end flashing and the top gable flashing.

However the main problem with freestanding pergolas are not that they carrying extra weight, but in fact the weight wants to move sideways in the wind. It is important to clamp or nail on a temporary brace timber on one side and one end of the freestanding pergola. Yet, be sure that a sticked to roots pergola covered with plants will serve as a more fashionable structure than a “naked” one!Anyway, depending on the plan you choose among all possible free standing pergola plans, you can have a splendid sitting area, pool are, dining area and any kind of area you wish just having a fine and magnificent cover called a pergola!
Great care must be taken to position the post exactly or your pergola will not be square and this will make building your gable roof 100 times harder. Some people are happy just to nail the rafters in place and this is ok if you are not in a strong wind area. The main loads of all freestanding pergolas are the weight of the timber and structure and the wind load. I built the pergola in the photos in a very high wind area and it does have corner bracing on it.
The best advantage of all free standing pergola plans available nowadays, is the opportunity to pace the pergola anywhere in your garden or yard. However remember that storms do happens and you will be wishing you purchased that extra packet of long galvanised bulge head screws as you see your gable pergola roof fly through the air. These items are constructed and attached to ground with their at least four posts.Free standing pergola kits are available in great many styles and sizes to fit any outdoor environment. However do no remove the temporary supports that are holding the centre rail timber in place.
Today specialized stores and companies supply grotesque models of pergolas for any exterior design at more than affordable prices. All that a customer needs is to have the exact size his yard will manage to locate and order a pergola with mentioning the exact material and style.

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