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08 Mar. 1978

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A spinning wheel is a device used for centuries to twist or spin fibers into a continuous thread or yarn that's been later used in fabrics weaving. We can not say for sure where and when spinning wheel was developed, because it seems that in several places in the world simultaneously had come to the improvement of spinning process by developing helping tools that later on lead to the development of spinning wheel.
Today spinning wheel has become interesting again, but not because its necessity in the production of yarn, but because of the need of modern man to maintain connections with their past, with the lifestyle of their ancestors, to cultivate the tradition, but also to engage in handicrafts that are certain way to escape from busy everyday life and stress into rest and relaxation. For spinning we can use different types of vegetable and animal fibers, such as wool, hairs, flax, hemp, ramie and other. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. That is due to well developed industry that has moved production of fibers and fabrics from the homes of people to the factories where production was done by machines. Wherever there is historical evidence of early man there also has been evidence of spun threads or tools that were used for spinning. However, most often referred countries are India and its process of cotton spinning and China and its process of silk and ramie spinning.
The need to maintain connections with the past and need to return to the nature influence more and more people to keep spinning wheel even as a decoration, because it has beauty of the past times.
Since different fibers are highly variable in characteristics such as length, strength, structure and quality, for their twisting is necessary to use different accessories, bobbins, and often fully different spinning wheel.

Our model that was used in the making of this plan, a hundred years ago was used by our grandmothers for wool spinning which was later on used for sweaters and gloves knitting.
Most parts are made by using a lathe for processing of wood and for making this type of spinning wheel you need a solid experience in woodturning. However, throughout whole human history, up to 200 years ago, spinning and weaving was women's responsibilities in every family and it took whole day, because that was the only way to provide clothing for family members. Today, we can notice significant interest for handmade spinning wheel and the spinning we can do on them.
Since today, when we talk about spinning, we often refer to wool spinning, which is the easiest to be spin from all the mentioned fibers, it is good to know that beside experience and good spinning wheel, wool quality strongly affects spinning- whether it will be easy or complicated. The basic types are Saxony wheel (horizontal type) which is considered to be traditional model, Norwegian wheel (horizontal on a bench) similar to Saxony wheel, and Castle wheel (vertical type), also known as Upright wheel, whose plan we present here, ideal for the spinners who need wheel for the common transport, because Castle wheel is more compact than majority of other models. Because of model's authentic origin, you can have confidence in our plan that it's not just precisely technically made, but also that your spinning wheel will be complete, with all necessary parts, functional, and that you can use it for spinning.
It is not known when people began to twist fibers into threads, but archaeological evidence points that twisted threads had existed in Upper Paleolithic era, 20.000 years ago. Unfortunately, the number of people that have used spinning wheel for fibers spinning as a routine, not just as a hobby in their life, and who can, at first hand to give instructions on how to use spinning wheel and how it should looks in order to be fully functional, decreases. Construction is based on mortise and tennon joints, and in assemblage instructions it is pointed where to use glue.

It is often used at least two or three kinds of wood, in order to increase spinning wheel esthetic value.
From the personal experience I know that, under mentioned conditions, it takes half an hour to practice coordination of movement and to master basic techniques of the work on the spinning wheel. This is Castle model spinning wheel and it comes from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and still it can be found as a family legacy in rural households.
To create our spinning wheel you need to have adequate tools, solid experience in wood processing and enough time and patience for production of this very complex project.
Spinning was extremely hard work, that took a lot of time and that was done only by the female family members. You can leave spinning wheel unfinished, you can use transparent varnish or color, whatever you wish. The spinning wheel was the tool that accelerated process of threads production, and enabled us to take fabric and garments production to a higher economic level. Spinning wheel enabled textile industry to become one of the key industries in the Middle Ages.

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