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27 Jan. 1995

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I figured this would work every bit as well as a trailer-drug standalone with its own motor, but when I tried to buy one with my new CUT, my dealer said that a CUT's GPM was too low and that splitter cycle time was poor. As I understand it, the remedy is to add an auxiliary PTO driven hydraulic pump, that would then power the splitter hydraulics.
Better IMHO, to have a stand alone splitter and leave the CUT free to move wood to and from the splitter. With the splitter on the 3PH, you take the splitter to the wood, not the wood to the splitter. The biggest advantage of a 3PH splitter, it doesn't go anywhere without you to run the tractor and keep an eye on things.
A stand alone splitter can use a much smaller engine if it uses a double pump and while they may claim a 15 second cycle time, that time is with no load. My choice of a 3PH splitter is based on a bad back and one less engine and hydraulic system to maintain for what is, for the average guy, a short term use each year.

Tractor log splitters offer the perfect balance of power and versatility designed to tackle jobs of any size. Loading the split pieces in the bucket or a trailer makes a nice break from splitting duties if you run out of room, and has to be done in any event. My splitter stores in a space of 4 square feet and can go anywhere my tractor can, and places a stand alone splitter will require muscle power to get to.
The fit, finish and quality of components on this Italian-made splitter are second to none, and your walk-behind tractor provides the power.
And the best part is it won't be as easy for your neighbor to borrow your log splitter like a regular log splitter! Whether you run a full-time wood splitting business or just do it for some extra winter firewood, you can't go wrong with a 3 point tractor log splitter.
The splitter needs a little bigger pump and about double the pressure to make it a real good unit, but the FEL only needs what it has now.

To learn more about these units and why you should invest in one, keep reading.As the name suggests, tractor wood splitters are designed specifically for use with a typical tractor. The cycle time on a tractor log splitters refers to the length of time it takes to split a log and retract.
It's important to note, however, that your tractor's flow rate (GPM) will also play a critical role in the splitter's cycle time.
If you have a tractor with less than 25 horsepower, you can expect a higher cycle time.Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of tractor log splitters and why they are so popular. These devices leverage the power of a tractor to improve their power and efficiency at splitting wood.

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