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SCOPEThis fencing unit is designed to teach fencing without the technical aspects of the sport. REFERENCEBasic Fencing Technique And Teaching Styles In Fencing, Aladar Kogler, Unpublished, 1984. Teaching fencing, primarily through games, is a fun way to introduce the sport to students while still providing an appropriate learning experience.
Fencer "A" has his foil point touching the floor, Fencer "B" has his foil aimed at fencer "A".
Technique is not emphasized in the unit plan since the program is only a few weeks in length.
Rather, the purpose is to expose the students to the ideas of fencing and the basic principles that make the game so much fun. Repeat for ten touches.Explain how the foil blade must bend (bow out) in the same direction the fencer's thumb bends.

The experienced fencing instructor will find that this unit format brings out the fencers natural body rhythms.
The unit plan provides only short periods for each item per session, but it repeats everything several times throughout the unit. By the end of the unit the students will know terms and will play the games with understanding.
Instructors of any level will find the unit helpful since it teaches fencing in an untraditional but enjoyable way. The distance from which to start the game is when each foil point is approximately at the middle of the opponent's foil. The fencers must make a hit with the point of the foil blade, instead of with fingers, in order to score. When "A" stops and puts his hand on his thigh (no weapon situation) or his point on the floor, "B" then thrusts & lunges hitting with his finger tip or the foil point.

Though most people would think of an attack as the whole body moving towards the opponent, in fencing, only the action of the arm constitutes the action of attacking.Defense - In foil fencing, the defense is also not what one might think. This is the correct game distanceThe Game Without Foils: Either fencer may be the attacker.
This is very common!)The Game With Foils: The same game is played as specified above , but this time with foils. The distance from which to start the game is when the foil points are approximately at the middle of the opponent's foil.

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