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26 Mar. 1988

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It’s hard, if not impossible, to plane a taper on small pieces of wood on the bench top or held in a vice. After seeing the pictures above, Jeff Peachey sent me a comment to say that he had made something similar in order to plane small thin pieces of wood. Making instruments often means that you have to work with small or curved pieces of wood that are difficult to hold in a woodworking vice or to clamp to the bench top. When making guitar bridges, I use this device to cut a channel for the saddle and the tie block. The only bit about making the table that’s not straightforward is how to mount the Dremmel firmly and vertically in the cantilever in a way that allows removal.

If ther're trying to get by with only one plane, I somehow doubt that they have the toolchest(and possibly lack the know-how, as well) to make planes as required. It’s no more than a block of wood with one side planed to make an angle of 60° with the base, a 6 inch file with the tang taken off and 2 thin strips of wood screwed into the block to hold the file in place.
It isn’t big enough to deal with anything very large, of course, but for making guitar bridges it works fine. But they often won’t accommodate short blades of the sort found, for example, in spokeshaves or thumb planes.
I even went to the trouble of making some toothed blades for them (I was young and life seemed mighty long).

Making some planes is a really good idea, IMHO, because it will help develop tool skills, and is pretty low cost. You can make a decent plane with a Japanese pull saw, a hand drill, a file, chisel, and clamps.

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