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05 Jan. 2001

Fine woodworking shop vac review,power tools wood cutting,wood carving rasps - Test Out

I evaluated eight shop vacuums, from very affordable general-purpose models to high-end dust extractors for professionals and serious (and well-heeled) woodworkers. For simplicity, I’ve sorted the featured models into three categories: value-priced general-purpose vacuums, step-up general purpose vacuums, and commercial-duty dust extractors.
I found that all of the tested vacuums provide more than adequate suction for their intended use. Most of the vacuums come with a standard-duty pleated filter, but other choices are available, such as filters for heavy-duty applications and HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) filters that trap microscopic dust.
A filter access lid on the top of the Bosch VAC090A (left photo) makes cleaning and replacing the filter a snap. The Shop Vac 5873410 uses a screw connector for attaching the swivel end of the hose (left photo).
Earlier, I gave you a heads-up on filter and hose size details you should consider in your search for the right shop vacuum. Although several manufacturers list the decibel level of their vacuums, how and where the measurement is taken makes a difference, as does the frequency of the sound. Finally, unless you intend to use your shop vacuum as a stationary dust collector, you should consider the size of its footprint, its dolly and how the accessories, cord and hose are stored.
Oneida has taken the shop vac evolution one step further by creating a cyclone-based vacuum from the ground up.
Whether you need to clean your shop floor, extract dust from a power sander or suck up a small flood in your basement, one of these units has you covered.
Almost any vacuum will suffer a decrease in performance as it fills with debris, and the finer the dust particles, the more rapid the decline. A long hose gives you more reach for cleaning or collecting dust from a tool without having to move the vacuum. Note that installing a HEPA filter does not necessarily mean a vacuum is certified for hazardous material mitigation.

This is a system vacuum that’s compatible with almost all of the company’s power tools — and other brands — and offers a mind-boggling array of accessories. Fortunately, none of the vacuums were uncomfortably loud, but I’d still recommend wearing hearing protection.
Large casters and wheels will ease travel over rough and uneven surfaces, and a handle will make maneuvering a vacuum much easier. There was a time when they could earn their keep just by cleaning the floor, but now we've got them hooked up to just about every small machine in our shops.
The Dust Cobra is a beast of a vac and is specifically designed to handle the rigors of small machine dust collection. Whether you collect hand planes or seek out the latest and greatest in power tools, our expert tool addicts will keep you in the loop with news, reviews, and commentary on the latest in woodworking tools. Good dust management begins at the tool, which is why we like a tool-triggered vacuum that turns on and off automatically with the tool plugged into it. So not only do I appreciate the quietness of Shop-Vac's On-Demand vacuum, but so does my wife when I'm working late at night. With new shop vacuums, even the most basic models are quite capable, making the dreaded cleanup job much more convenient, effective and enjoyable. The type of filter installed will also have an impact on the vacuum’s performance, depending on its airflow resistance. His fascination with motors and gears goes beyond woodworking, he's also an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars, and is the author of Automotive Woodworking (Motor Books International, 2002).
Efficient filters and well-sealed tanks are standard with most current models, and design and engineering advances have resulted in vacuums that fit the needs and budget of almost every woodworker and DIYer.
Another useful feature is the retaining system for Bosch’s L-Boxx tool and storage boxes, which turns the vacuum into a handy dolly.
Priced at $130, it also comes with a generous selection of cleaning tools and even a paper filter bag for collecting fine dust from drywall and concrete.

A .3 micron HEPA filter ensures that harmful dust stays inside the vac and not suspended in the air of your shop. Two variables to watch for: Dust ports on portable power tools vary so much in size and shape that we often had to use adapters (and sometimes duct tape) to attach the vacuum hoses.
Aside from its sleek, functional design this vacuum is a great performer and a very quiet one, too. A Filter Pulse Cleaning Bar cleans the filter by temporarily reversing the motor which drives the accumulated dust down into the barrel.The Dust Cobra promises 260 CFM max airflow or 3 times the performance of most shop vacs. And, the capacity of the on-board outlet likely will limit you to using the vacuum with low-amperage tools, such as sanders, biscuit joiners, or midsize routers, because all but one of the vacs' power cords are rated for only 15 amps.
The On-Demand worked great with my random-orbit sander, but when I used it with my 3-hp router, an onboard electronic controller reduced power to the vac motor, which reduced suction.
The dolly can be removed quickly by pressing a lever, so the vacuum can be converted for handheld use.
This vacuum also has an automatic filter cleaner, which clicks loudly about every 30 seconds.
If space is at a premium and you want a vacuum that’s easy to use anywhere in your home, this is a great choice.
Also, I placed a vacuum bag which is sold separate in side the canister to catch any dust or pieces that may get through the dust collector. You can employ this vacuum for any cleaning task, but DeWALT is quick to point out that it’s primarily a dust extractor.

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