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06 Nov. 2004

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If you look at the edges of the wood, you can see where the wood has been crushed some from the tapping. I'm going to spend the next several days glueing up several more adhesives and then allow them to cure for a few days. If you helpfully suggest to 'try this stuff xxxx, it really works well, it's what I use, all that other stuff sucks', send me some right away and I'll test it. Here's another helpful suggestion I expect to get, 'Hey, your methodology really sucks, you don't know what you are doing dumb ass!' all I can say is you are right. One last thing, I'll be documenting this on my web site also with a few more pictures and maybe some different text than what ends up here. After 1 cycle of heat at one hours at 150F, then freezing, then heat for 1 hour at 175, then freezing, we have two more failures tonight. The 3M spray adhesive (held out way longer than I ever thought it could) and the rubberized super glue.
The joint to the left is 36 grit, the middle sand blasted surfaces and to the right no surface prep at all.
Last week I left the test piece in my heat treat oven for 1 hour at 175F and there it sat all week.
I've just started and it will take a few days to get them all glued up and then some curing time. Chuck Bybee of Alpha Knife Supply kicked in several pieces of metal and blocks of wood along with a couple of adhesives. The poly glue really foamed up but not right away and by the time I noticed it, it was too late. I think the rubberized super glue holds better at room temp, at freezer temp it seemed to be quite a bit harder at freezer temp and it just seemed to 'shatter off' when tapped.

Starting from right note one piece ended up with most of the epoxy and the other piece had maybe 50% of the surface with epoxy residue. The last heat cycle was 175F for one hour last weekend and since then it's been around 20f to 40F in my garage. 5 kinds of dual tube expoxy, acra glass, jb weld, 3 kinds of poly glue - one of them is name the Ultimate Glue which I find a bit ballsy, some T-88, golfsmith shafting epoxy and what ever else I stumble onto in the next couple days. The tap is 3 solid whacks with the big hammer on the edge of the wood trying to shear it off the metal. Here is a picture at 50lbs where the metal is actually bending under the load and the joint is still holding strong.
In all three cases, the epoxy failed, not the material, but in the test pair on the right, the adhesion partially failed by not sticking well to the metal. I took it and whacked them all again -- which I'm starting to enjoy -- and we had half of a failure. So far, if you can manage the mess, gorilla glue looks pretty good between both Steves tests and mine. The most usable leaders at this point are Acra Glass, Golfsmith Shafting epoxy and oddly - metal superglue. The colors look like and mix up to the color of JB Weld but with the thickness of plumbers putty except it is a lot tackier.
One set had no surface prep, one was sand blasted and another was roughed up using a fresh, sharp 36 grit belt. While still cold, I went straight to the big hammer and all passed except the Devcon 2 ton popped off easily.
I'm going to do one more heat, freeze and whack cycle and then move on to some other kind of destructive test. The epoxy stuck to the wood - as I suspect they all will - but was fairly glazed on the metal side.

I knew right away it was not appropriate for handles or even sealing bolsters since it is too thick and would not squeeze out. I think this would have held until the metal bent completely over but I started moving it around and the bond broke. It is very interesting stuff and I was immediately looking around for *something* to use it on. I settled for glueing up a few test pieces of metal, 1 set sand blasted, 1 set roughed up with fresh 36 grit, 1 set just as it came. Even with all the goofy things I tend to do, she knows better but this one still forced her to ask why I was doing this (it's her dishwasher you know). The one thing I did see after mixing up all the dual tube epoxies was they all had a problem pumping out evenly. When you need to epoxy something together with a mechanical lock that is the consistancy of thick toothpaste, this is the stuff. For the money, ease of purchase, general availability, toughness to date in all of the tests, the polyurethanes are looking very competitive. Keep in mind, this is all with a large framing hammer and I have long since stopped tappjng these things I am giving them 3 or 4 good thumps each time. The rest all sputtered or belched or leaked all over so I had to throw some away and start with a new mixing cup to get it to pump out evenly. The Permatex came loose in the dishwashwer, the T-88 got tired of getting beatings and gave up.

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