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Installation of hardwood, engineered, floating, pre-finished, eco-friendly and laminate floors.
Prefinished and engineered flooring was developed quite a while ago, but it really became popular in the 1970’s. This flooring comprises three different layers - bottom layer, middle core and top layer. Because the top layer of this type of flooring is similar to solid wood floors there are no compromises in terms of style because the finish is the same. Engineered flooring is designed to resemble hardwood so you will also find the same great selection of species, shades and colors as you would with solid wood. Quarter Sawn: cuts a log into quarters before it cuts the strips of wood to make hardwood flooring boards. Rift Sawn: cuts a log at a different angle than quarter sawn before it cuts the wood into hardwood flooring boards.
Engineered hardwood is made by gluing a real hardwood veneer to a core board made of either plywood or high density fiberboard. The number of plies used to create the plywood core may vary anywhere from 2 to 10, and while a 3 ply board is not going to be as stable as say a 5 ply board would be, this is not enough to be a deciding factor unless this flooring is going to used over a radiant floor heating system. There are three different ways of cutting the veneer for the engineered flooring that, along with thickness, has an impact on price. Dry solid-sawn: involves letting the wood dry out slowly with a low humidity level to keep moisture from inside the wood cells intact, reducing the risk of cupping.
Rotary-peel: involves boiling the log for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature to prepare the wood.
Sliced-peel: involves boiling the log for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature to prepare the wood. Engineered floor planks are made with either a traditional tongue and groove edge locking method or with a glueless click-lock edge method that requires no glue and allows the pieces to snap together to create a snug fit.
Acrylic impregnated floors have acrylic compounds injected directly into the wood, resulting in a stronger, harder, more durable wood.

While not a different construction type, these wood floors are unique in that they have been made from reclaimed wood. Many manufacturers create their own grading systems which apply more to the look of the wood than the strength, stability, durability, and quality of the flooring.
Clear Grade: This is the best grade of hardwood flooring because there are few color variations, board lengths are not widely varied, and there are little to no visible knots or pinholes. Wire brushed: The wire brush texture consists of a wire brush run over wood flooring, creating a rough, hard surface. Glue down: If the flooring is an engineered hardwood, it can be glued to the subflooring with a strong adhesive. If you’re looking to find a style of floor that can be installed over your tile, then engineered floors, laminate, vinyl plank, and LVT tile are all viable options for you.
The flooring comes directly from the factory with stain and a very durable finish, both already applied.
Though it is more expensive than the other methods, it is also more stable, providing higher quality flooring. Because of this construction method, engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. It is the most expensive type of engineered flooring, but looks and acts more like a solid. After the wood has been prepared, it is scraped from the log with a blade working from the outside in and then pressed flat. After the wood has been prepared, it is sliced from the end and then pressed to create a veneer. The wood may have been reclaimed from sunken boats, from logs salvaged from lakes and rivers or from old buildings and reprocessed.
While the National Wood Flooring Association, or NWFA, has established a grading system, it only applies to certain domestic species.
When it comes to engineered hardwood, most sellers do not make grading information available.

The wire brush gets rid of the soft wood on the surface, making the floor more durable, less slippery, and easier to maintain.
Where the core layers in the boards will help them to manage temperature changes, it’s still a good idea to maintain a constant and moderate temperature in any room that features a real wood product. This provides stability and prevents flooring movement because of changes in temperature or humidity. When trying to decide on the type and grade of hardwood to use for a home or business, it is important to consider the construction type, the species, the installation type, whether the wood is prefinished or unfinished, and basic style and color options to suit decor needs.
For people who are planning to refinish the flooring at some point, it is important to consider the thickness because unlike a solid hardwood floor, the engineered type can only be sanded and refinished so many times.
This type of flooring is good for those who want to be green and can be either of solid or engineered construction type.
This surface also hides scratches and makes the wood surface look old, which some people like. Each kind of wood has a hardness rating on the Janka Hardness Scale which can indicate how well the floor may hold up over the years; however, any floor may show early signs of wear and tear if not properly maintained. For the light question, you might want to consider going with a brighter color spectrum when choosing your flooring. This means I would just need to glue the wood to the concrete, would not need to glue membrane to concrete, then glue wood to membrane.
The thicker the veneer, the more times it can be sanded and refinished, however, it is still limited. Engineered floors, having a thinner layer of solid-wood can be also sanded, but only one or two times.
Once installed, removing a vent to inspect the flooring from the side can provide an idea of the remaining thickness on the veneer.

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