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14 Aug. 2010

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I used a jigsaw, router, and drill to build this cabinet so the tool requirement is not out of reach for a beginner. I have rebuild and refurbished a number of arcade machines, some of which I have shared here on FM. I have built a couple of arcade cabinets and have enjoyed learning how to build them and customize them. I tried to make it as inexpensive as I could, while making it easy to design and construct one with the minimum required skills. Once put together, it is nearly as solid as a fully featured cabinet, while having a much smaller footprint and weighing far, far less.

With friends and family over for the 4th this weekend, I now can play thousands of arcade titles with them, or fire up Steam and rock some SFIV.
Given my love of all things old school arcade, one of my friends recently asked me to help him do a SFIV machine. Being a fan of the design and quality of real cabinets, I had serious reservations about these things, especially since they were do-it-yourself kits.
The Xtension series cabinets use X-Arcade's PC sticks as their base, which are extremely well made products. Once I eventually settle down somewhere and buy a house, I'll be placing a few of these in there.

I was stoked at the initial thoughts of doing my own cabinet, but it was quickly dashed by his imposed budget, which was modest to say the least. The one I chose uses the Tankstick, which includes a trackball that can be used as a mouse in Windows and as a controller for those old arcade games needing them.. Add in another hour of setting up MAME and Steam, and you have a fully featured MAME cabinet in about 2 hours of work.

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