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29 Jun. 1975

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If a designer hands you a random piece of wood that’s been sitting in a window for 15 years and asks if you can match it, you can.
If a homeowner hates the existing floors in a house they just bought, instead of ripping them out you can make them look completely different. And because dyes color the wood without obscuring the grain, they have a different, more natural look when compared with a typical oil-modified stain, say contractors who use them.Aniline dyes were used with and without bleach to color the pieces of this whimsical garden inlaid into a field of maple.
The people dying the floor can then dye one section, walk in the next, dye the next and so on so they are dyeing every other row at one time.
Once the dye is dry the tape lines are moved and the people dyeing the floor can walk on the already dyed areas, apply dye on the next, etc. Of these, water is probably the most common because people consider it to be the easiest to apply (although all of them are notorious for being tricky). Some people go so far as to cut an applicator so its width is a multiple of the board width.Some people feel that doing two coats of the dye makes it easier to avoid lap lines. The second coat can help re-dissolve the dye in areas that were uneven from the first coat and make it appear more uniform. Contractors warn that the dye may look uniform when applied, then look less uniform as it dries.
And unlike stain jobs, where if you notice a sanding mark you can just grab a piece of sandpaper, rub it out and reapply the stain, spot repairs here and there on dye jobs are extremely difficult. The faster the application, the better chance there is of having wet dye edges and avoiding lap lines.This reclaimed oak floor was dyed light brown, had one coat of clear quick-dry oil-modified stain and then two coats of a satin water-based finish.
Some species seem to absorb the dye and dry almost immediately, making dye application extremely difficult, even for experienced contractors, while other species are more forgiving. Some people also think that popping the grain and applying the dye before the wood has completely dried from the water-popping makes the floor take the dye more evenly. But typically, most people think of grain raise as something to avoid.That being the case, when working with water-based dyes, pay careful attention to the temperature and humidity on the job site. Bleaching once or more before dyeing can strip the natural color of the wood away, adding yet another method to create another look for the same wood floor. Done correctly, it can give the floor a patina that is difficult to achieve otherwise on a brand-new floor.
Although some contractors successfully use household bleach, most recommend using an actual wood bleach, which comes in two parts. In both cases the finish will reactivate the dye and pull the color.For people who want to go directly from the dye to a sealer or finish coat, waterborne or otherwise, a common method is to use a universal sealer as the first coat. The shellac-based product goes on in a super-thin layer and dries extremely quickly, allowing other finishes to go over it without abrading.Because of the custom nature of dyed floors, including those with hand-scraped or aged effects, many contractors opt for one of the many hardwax or natural oil products that are now available. Be sure to test the finish first, as some of those products may reactivate some dyes.Very frequently, before any finish goes on the floor, contractors choose to use a traditional wood floor stain, neutral or otherwise, directly over the dye.
The conventional wisdom is that dyes aren’t colorfast, and the oil-based stain helps protect the dye from fading. Then practice creating the floor you want with every single step and every single product you intend to use on a real job.
Away from the office, she’s busy enjoying her family, including two beautiful children, a sassy ex-racehorse, an extraordinarily silly black Labrador mutt and her husband, Brent, whom she met at … yes, wood flooring school.
Winners were chosen by NWFA members in online voting before the NWFA convention; voting for the Members’ Choice award took place online as well as in Ft.
Although work on the home and its floors is still in progress, two of its floors have already garnered Wood Floor of the Year awards.While most of the home features textured, handscraped plank floors, Universal’s President Sprigg Lynn wanted to steer clear of them in the dining room. Not only is that floor over radiant heat, it also has a stone perimeter, and the wood floors had to be scribed to the stone.
Lynn called in John Yarema of Johnson Yarema Hardwood Floors for the design meeting with the owners and builder. Lynn suggested a parquet floor for the dining room, but the wife replied that she “hated parquet.” Not to be deterred, Lynn and Yarema suggested looking through various books and pictures, and a photo of an antique captain’s sea chest created with American folk art marquetry caught her eye.
She repeatedly told the pair of wood floor men that she wanted “creation.” They repeatedly agreed, but they honestly weren’t sure what she meant. They disguised the routed area with a thin piece of bent walnut.While that complication may be over, there are more floors to come from this estate.
Much of the home had been updated, but the floors, which are Eastern white pine in widths up to 19 inches, were in dire need of restoration.“The floors had multiple layers—seven or eight layers of paint, varnish, wax, you name it,” says Sprigg Lynn, president at Universal Floors.

The process involved first hand-scraping every inch of the 5,500 square feet of the flooring.
For two months straight, at least 10 men hand-scraped the floor every day, with two men whose job it was to just sharpen hand-scraper blades all day long. Lynn says the company uses a technique they call “restoration scrape”—not a distressed scrape and not a flat scrape, but something in between that carefully follows the contour and maintains the patina of the antique floor.
The company uses an array of all shapes, sizes and weights of hand-scrapers, some handed down in Lynn’s family and some new versions collected from industry friends such as Daniel Boone and Wayne Lee.Next the floor was scrubbed by hand with potash lye, an old-fashioned mild detergent that slightly bleaches the floor. Then the floor was hand-rubbed with a fine-grit abrasive, after which a proprietary dye was used.
Finally, the floor was finished with several thin layers of wax.“It had to be hand-rubbed,” Lynn says.
These three award winners from three different projects show the depth of style that John Yarema, president of Johnson Yarema Hardwood Floors, is able to create.The Best Engineered winner is an intricate inlay that contains more than 12,000 pieces of wood and 48 species. The design, which depicts the battle between good and evil with a lion, angel and the Lamb of God, was inspired by the Moroccan-themed decor and original wood carvings in the massive summer estate. Once the panels were assembled on-site, the wood was bleached and scraped three times in order to create an Old World painterly style.
The new “old” medallion met the owner’s timeframe while exceeding his expectations.Best Bedroom (CNC)The floor that earned Yarema the Best Bedroom Wood Floor of the Year award started out as a simple basketweave pattern that the interior designer originally had in mind. The rich, colorful floor offset the clean, black-and-white, modern lines found in the rest of the home. Although the floor consists of only two species—wenge and maple—the snake-like design makes the floor anything but simple.
The design was inspired by a photo Yarema saw of a white-tiled, black-grouted herringbone floor that continued up the wall. The 40-foot structure starts out 12 feet wide on the floor, shrinks down to 4 feet wide as it curves up the wall and ends up 8 feet wide on the ceiling. The logistics of such a massive structure meant reframing the back wall and installing cables in the ceiling for support. All the pieces were engineered ahead of time in the shop using a vacuum process to bend the wood, but the curves still had to be tweaked on-site to get just the right bend. This involved lightly wetting the wood and using a drum-like contraption with straps to bend the wood into position.
This meant two to three trips per day to the job site just to crank the straps.Yarema says he wanted to prove that there were no limits as to what could be done with wood. The job involved not only the circular floor but 56 curved steps leading up to it.In the design meeting, as the client perused the photos from Dave Marzalek of DM Hardwood Designs, his San Clemente compass medallion caught her eye, and she asked if he could reproduce it again. In the Southern California market where his company was based until recently, Marzalek was known for his hand-scraping style. When he relocated to northern New Mexico last year, Marzalek found that although the market is dominated by factory-fi nished flooring, his handscraping style was quickly embraced. The only change is that his new clients seem to prefer a “deep and gnarly looking” scrape, he says.This floor, which Marzalek did for the home of his good friend Brett Elliott, is evidence of that. Elliott and his wife had found a marble medallion on the Internet, “But it was too simple; it didn’t have anything really going for it,” Marzalek says. To achieve a heavy scrape, Marzalek first used a hand-planer with a round head, then hand-scraped the floor.
But on this highly technical custom floor, it was Seabaugh who found himself being the student. In the process, Seabaugh produced two Wood Floor of the Year-winning floors, which are both part of an elegant contemporary home in Glenco, Ill.Both the kitchen and living room floors were riftsawn ash with aluminum strips. The architect had the idea of creating an abstract nondirectional floor to match the lines of the modern home. While the simple, clean lines may make the floor look basic, it was anything but—everything needed to be precise and line up perfectly.Seabaugh started by tearing out the old terrazzo floor and creating a new subfloor onto which he drew the templates for the wood and aluminum.
The tile contractor made replicas of the granite tiles from OSB as a template for Seabaugh to follow as he was installing, and the actual granite was installed after the wood and aluminum were completed.The kitchen floor fl owed directly into the living room, where Seabaugh began work on the multidirectional floor.
I’d take any floor guy in the world in there and say ‘find a flaw.’ There isn’t one,” Seabaugh says. The project was for a high-end home overlooking the Maumee River in Ohio, where the homeowner had specified a marble and wood floor to match a photo she had seen of a European parquet.

Wilson was easily able to design the parquet, but he suggested she go with a black wood rather than marble. So, switching out the marble for African wenge, Wilson sent the design to Winneconne, Wis.-based Oshkosh Designs to manufacture 2-foot-square paper-face parquet blocks. The bricklayer for the dining room had installed the curved brick wall before Wilson could install the floor, so after gluing down the field of the flooring, “I just got down on my knees with a bandsaw and took my time,” Wilson says. It took Wilson more time to install the small area by the wall than it took him to install the rest of the floor, but in the end, it looked like the flooring had been installed first.
Wilson loaned the homeowners the past 10 years of Hardwood Floors’ Wood Floor of the Year issues for inspiration and eventually designed flooring in seven rooms for these clients. To continue the patriotic theme of this house, the homeowners requested a five-point Brazilian cherry star be produced for the space in front of the floor-to- ceiling windows in their bedroom. Wilson wanted to create a floor to accent the star that would also call attention to the amount of sunlight coming into the room, so he fashioned a starburst out of Brazilian cherry and white oak.
The legendary company is a fixture in both the wood flooring business and Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, where the company has had a showroom for two decades. When the opportunity came to move into this more centrally located space on the Mart’s main floor, the company took it.The new space features the company’s custom flooring as well as its architectural millwork (the company’s namesake tells the story that one night he had three martinis and dreamed the flooring went up the walls, thus the millwork). Featured is a Versailles parquet with wenge feature strips as well as a popular parquet that Juell designed based on a floor from an 18th century chateau in France’s Loire Valley, Chateau Montgeoffroy. Brothers and business partners Evandro and Alisson Carvalho of Maximum Hardwood Floors were moving into their new showroom in a hurry.
The boards were not ripped and relaminated together as most “bent” wood flooring is, nor were they steamed or wetted to aid in bending. Floors worked tirelessly with designers from Los Angeles-based Barry Design Associates to produce this library floor for the renovation of John Wayne’s former residence.
The homeowners of the Newport Beach, Calif., mansion desired a focal point to break up the straight-lay flooring of the adjacent rooms, so Rode Bros. According to Mark Lehner, who handles West Coast sales, the multiple species gave the floor “a range of colors that fit … for a distinguishing color movement,” that moves the eye along the floor to take in its detail. The solid glue-down parquet is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of wood flooring and the number of intricate designs throughout the home. Although the area is only 200 square feet, the floor took installers more than two years to complete.
This was the case for Rod Lorenz, president of Ralph’s Hardwood Floors, with this highend home in Wisconsin. The species and pattern were easy enough to select, but the homeowners didn’t want any part of the 600-square-foot floor to have awkward cuts, and the room was a diffi cult shape. Carol and George Goodwin, owners of Goodwin Heart Pine Co., installed their company’s century-old, recovered long leaf heart pine and cypress flooring in their Florida vacation home. This alone would be enough to constitute a grand floor, but the crowning piece is the 83-by-72-inch center inlay featuring an antique topographical map depicting the locations of Florida’s original forests. Not surprisingly, creating custom rustic-looking floors is where this Phoenix-area floor company has found its niche.
This year’s winning floor is in a remodeled 6,000-square-foot ranch in Queen Creek, Ariz., a booming rural community in the East Valley of Phoenix.
The clients have horses on the property and a lot of acreage, so the floors needed to convey an Old West cowboy style.
After installation, the floors were lightly buffed to preserve the character of the saw marks, worms holes and nail holes and finished with satin polyurethane.The installation, sanding and finishing process went along smoothly until Enmar’s crew went in to finish up the trim and smelled smoke. An electrical first re had started in the upstairs loft, and first re crews doused the blaze with water that eventually ended up on the newly installed wood floors. She glued down sustainable 5-inch-wide maple flooring donated by Mullican Flooring in the 300-square foot first floor of the observatory, then used the maple on the staircase up to the second floor.
For the 120-square-foot upper level of the observatory, she glued down cork donated by Nova Cork and called Oshkosh Designs to donate a star medallion.

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