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Cordless drills are available in various sizes and battery powers, which are measured in volts.
Torque (power) – The voltage on cordless drills ranges from 6V to 18V and will determine how much torque (spinning power) you can get from the drill.
Now that you have picked out a drill, here are some recommended bits to get you started on multiple kinds of projects. Countersink bit: This bit is used when you want screws to sit flush with the surface of the wood. Masonry Bit: The bit has a carbide tip which provides extra cutting power and should not be used on wood, plastics, or metal.
Twist Bit: These bits are meant for wood and soft plastics, and are the most common bits to use for simple wood projects. If you’re handling anything heavy or precarious, have a buddy around to help hold the item as your drilling or screwing. Masonry materials (terracotta, porcelain, ceramics, etc) can overheat from the friction of drilling. Where I worked this summer we used these Milwaukee Drills and they were extremely light an easy to use. I have learned from experience that the bigger drills have a very heavy battery and it doesnt feel good when it comes unlatched and drops on your foot. Just an FYI for readers- cordless is always awesome and convenient…but research corded drills before choosing between the two.
Torque controls are normally found on drills with a screw-driving function, torque control shuts off the drill when a certain turning force is reached.
Hold the drill as if you were going to be drilling something into the wall at shoulder height.
18V cordless drills are the most powerful, but can also be rather heavy compared to lower voltage drills.

Most bits are interchangeable among drills; you don’t need to purchase bits in the same brand as your drill, but you should ask the salesperson or bring your drill along to ensure the bits is compatible.
You can purchase a collection of flat and Phillips head bits in various sizes at the hardware store.
These bits can cause the surface of the wood to splinter and chip, which is called “tear out”. The countersink bit has a tiny chuck on it that allows you to switch out the drill bit inside. Drilling through ceramic usually produces lots of heat, so proceed slowly and have a small glass of water close by to apply to the hole occasionally. This helps keep your hands away from the action and allows for more precise, even drilling. It’s good to work at a slow speed and have a glass of water handy when you are drilling so you can stop periodically add a few drops to the point of contact to cool it down. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite DIY projects that you can create to show off your new drill! I just got a cordless drill for my birthday, and I know the basics, but this post has some really helpful info! Please keep in mind that, when you will want to replace the battery for your cordless drill after 5 years, it may still be available, but it will be very expensive (you can buy a new drill for the cost of an outdated replacement battery, which will lead you to have to throw away your old cordless drill – not very environmentally). I bought myself a drill two years ago and couldn’t bring myself to use it until this fall because the directions were just some cartoons without any words. I’ve been thinking of buying a cordless drill for awhile now but had no idea where to start! I just bought a cordless drill at one of the hardware store Thanksgiving sales, and I’m looking forward to getting over my irrational fear of power tools!
If you simply need to hang pictures and do a few light wood projects, you can definitely get by with a 7V or 9V drill.

Some drills will come with variable speed options, while the more inexpensive drills might have only one speed. It has enough power for all of my DIY experiments and has a nifty feature that I love: an LED bulb turns on when you push the trigger, conveniently illuminating those hard to see drilling spots.
The black rubber surrounds a sliding sheath, which will slide up over the crew head and bit.
If you want to drill a hole straight through a piece of wood, I recommend having a scrap piece underneath when drilling.
I have gone through this twice and finally decided to buy a corded drill with a lifetime warranty.
Spend a little and get a specialised tile bit, you’ll save your self a huge amount of agony.
If you want to do larger wood or furniture projects, or drill through varied materials like metal, plastic, or tile, go with a drill between 12V and 18V–you’ll need the extra power. These are more expensive, but allow you to drill through metal and will stand up to hardwoods better than the soft carbon. I was using a drill on a project once and before I knew it my long hair had been wound up in the drill like yo-yo string. The ability to drill at a slow speed allows more control and helps prevent slipping and stripped screws. It’s also a good idea to wear safety goggles and a dust mask when using these bits (and anytime you drill) because many little shavings will go flying as you drill.

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