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11 Feb. 2014

Do it yourself wood floor staining,plans for deck with ramp,how to build a pergola with a swing - For Outdoors

Of course, the color of the paneled walls is very distracting and detracts from the beautiful floors, so I want to paint those ASAP. On the other hand, if you want really light-colored floors, you’ll almost certainly have to use a water-based finish. Waterlox would be more comparable to a polyurethane, in that both Waterlox and polyurethane are used as a clear finish to protect wood. Waterlox actually makes a cleaner that you can use to mop the floor, but just plain vinegar and water will work also.
And don’t forget to check out my other post where I shared a few specific details and tips regarding sanding the floors.

I didn’t fill any nail holes because one person who comments on a previous post said she liked the look of the nail holes on her floor, and regretted having her hubby fill most of the nail holes. I was beginning to think that this hardwood floor refinishing project would never be complete, like I was caught in some Groundhog Day-type loop of never ending sanding.
The color you see is the natural color that the wood turns when you apply an oil-based finish. In fact, the day before I applied the first coat of Waterlox, I actually wiped down then entire floor with mineral spirits, and they turned almost exactly that color with just mineral spirits. The difference is that polyurethane is literally a plastic coating that sits on top of the wood.

So wiping mineral spirits onto wood is actually a very good way to see what color it’ll turn once an oil-based finish is applied, so you can determine of you want or need to use stain or not. Waterlox is a tung oil-based finish that actually penetrates into the wood, much like the oil finishes (tung oil, linseed oil, etc.) that have been used to protect wood for over 200 years.

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