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27 Feb. 2005

Diy sliding bookshelf door,rustic wood stair railings,ebay anri wood carvings,pocket hole plans pdf - Review

Signing UpStep 1: Finding a space You'll know already if there is somewhere in your house suitable for a bookcase to hide a door. Barn doors are cool, and you’ve undoubtedly seen lots of images of them in homes over the past few years.
Even if your wash room is not always as bright and tidy as this impeccable little laundry room designed by Lindy Donnelly, the studied charm of sliding bookcase doors will prevent any unintended airing of your dirty laundry. I have not found any how-to articles specifically on this sliding bookcase, as it is a custom built model through Dana Rath Woodworking. This sliding door bookshelf may be one of the most clever and least destructive ways to accomplish this we've seen yet.

However, this one not only requires minimal major modification to the home itself (you'll have to tear up a bit of carpet and mount the top piece to a wall, but that's about it), but it saves a bit of space by using a sliding door design. We have a space in our living room that I've been planning to conceal with just such a door for 10 years, but I've kept putting it off because doing something like this has to be done well.
Let me see what our experts might be able to come up with in terms of a how-to or some ideas to get DIYers started. With a little moulding to conceal the door rails atop the bookcases, no one would ever suspect these homeowners had anything to hide. Secretly attached by cable to a latch on the back of the bookcase, the book tilts forward to open a door to their master bedroom.

What makes it suitable for a secret room is that it is cantilevered out over the front door, so unless you're really paying attention when you come into the house, you won't know it's there. The brackets you see in Step 10 are not really doing all that much so you could probably forego them, and squeeze down the size of the bookshelf as a result, but I'm not sure how functional it will be.2.

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