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07 Apr. 2015

Creative wood staining ideas,wood carving classes seattle,end grain cutting board ideas - Within Minutes

I just purchased a nice side table which is in excellent condition except for the top and I had no idea what to do with it except slap some paint on it.
I did it because there were some ridges left after I stenciled, where the paint was higher than the wood. The flowers would need to line up perfectly and be identical in some strategic places, but I believe it could be done. I might need to take a whirl at garage sailing and trying one of these staining techniques! If you’ve ever stained something before, you know that the longer you leave stain on the wood, the darker the finish will be when you wipe it off.

Once I had worked my way all the way out to the edges, staining every petal using my graduated tinting technique, I finally wiped off the remaining darkest stain on the inner part of each petal. For simple instructions on stripping a surface down to the raw wood (in preparation for this staining technique!)… click here! Nikki admits that once she was done with her flower stencil, it was a little bit difficult to see exactly where she had stenciled since the wood glue and water mixture was quite clear. Almost finished with her DIY flower stencil decor project, Nikki let the stain dry for a day and then sanded down the rough edges left from the wood glue and water mixture before applying two coats of poly to finish her cabinet doors off. And I started thinking about how, in theory, you should be able to get the same charcoal shading effect using STAIN on wood.

She applied a mixture of wood glue and water over the flower stencil before applying the wood stain.
For more details and photos, check out Nikki’s full blog post on how to stencil with wood stain, and look around the rest of The Ambitious Procrastinator for more fabulous decor and design ideas! This DIY decor technique allows the wood to be left in its natural color once it has been stained.

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